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Hip Hop, You Are Now Legitimate

Chelsie says Mark's pinkies are crooked: "He's weird." Mark says Chelsie is a tomboy when she's not on stage being sexy. Hang on while I get the toothpicks to keep my eyes open.

They're doing a hip-hop routine with Napolitha. "It's hip-hop with emotion," we're told, whatever that's supposed to mean. Mark is a workaholic who is leaving his girlfriend Chelsie. Or something. Napoleon shows Mark a move and then gay-panics about doing that with another guy.

"Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis. Oh, that's this song. I actually know this one. He's in a suit, she's in a French-maid-on-casual-Fridays outfit. If the bland non-hip-hop song didn't clue you in, "hip-hop with emotion" apparently means "boring hip-hop." They dance it well, though, with Chelsie in particular deep in character, and they do a couple of cool things with Mark moving her with his arms (without touching her).

Nigel says he's loving Tabitha and Napoleon, and is happy they've come over to the real number one dance show. Mary screams that she loved it, and says she believed the emotional struggle, since they lived it on stage. "I loved it, I loved the passion," she says. Adam stands up and starts yelling too, getting all red-faced, about how awesome it was. He says they nailed it, and hip-hop has become a really beautiful genre of its own. Yes, thanks to So You Think You Can Dance, hip-hop is finally a legitimate genre, now that its edges have been sanded off. He also calls them the couple to beat. They danced it well, even I can tell; I just didn't like it.

Katee says Joshua is a real softie. Josh says Katie screams like a boy. Joshua's hittin' that already!

They're doing Tony and Melanie's samba this week. Joshua has never done it before, and Katee says she's really innocent and now she has to play the role of seductress. Joshua says Katee doesn't think of herself as beautiful or sexy. But you know what? She is!

They're dancing to "Baila, Baila" by Angela Vila. She's got the other half of Courtney's dress, and it's purple! They do a great job of the samba, Joshua especially. He's got the seduction thing happening, while Katee's grinning a little too much for it to be believable. She certainly seems to enjoy riding his vibrating leg, though.

Cat points out Joshua's dad in the audience, going, "That's my boy!" Joshua's dad looks EXACTLY like Joshua (same cornrows), only heavier and more mustachioed. Nigel makes the same joke I did about the other half of Courtney's dress, and it's even more tired -- from both of us -- the second time around. He says Joshua has a very natural samba rhythm, and then asks who poured Joshua into those pants. Can one criticize Nigel's non-masculine judging the way he criticizes male dancers' non-masculine dancing? He then asks Papa Joshua if Joshua got his buns from daddy, and daddy obliges by showing off the goods. Mary does some annoying checklist thing that ends with her screeching, and the words "hot tamale train" are used. I fucking hate it when shows do this, take something somewhat cute and run it into the ground long after you're sick of it. It's like a Saturday Night Live character carried on two years past anyone's interest in it, where the performer has to come up with increasingly contrived premises just to get to the catchphrase. Nigel won't make any predictions, because everyone was great. He says "Joshua's dad" is who'll be going home tomorrow. Now that's a funny joke. It's so good, that Mary repeats it. Less funny. And now Adam feels obligated to join in too. And we're all left with a vague sense of unease.

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