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Matt says Kourtni has a tattoo on the back of her neck that says "...and so she would dance." And Matt has a "ninja mask" that he likes to put on. He says it's just an accessory. I wonder about ninjas who opt for purple and white stripes, myself.

This week they're doing contemporary by first time choreographer Sonja, who has a huge Mohawk. Nice of her to come all the way from Thunderdome. It's a comic book fight/flirt routine with a lot of poses and holds simulating comic book panels.

They dance to a "Wrestlers" remix by Hot Chip. And... yeah, it's a mock fight, with a lot of locked elbows and legs and lifts, and it wears out its welcome for me very quickly, getting very repetitious. Oh, she's grabbing his tie and pulling him. AGAIN.

Nigel says it's the first of them find a style that both of them can work in. He says it's quirky, a different flavor of contemporary. Does he think the public will love it as much as a Mia Michaels romantic routine? No, he says. Well, I liked it at LEAST as much as that, but that's not saying much. Mary says that there's something weird going on in Sonya's head, but she dug it. You know, it wasn't that weird at all. I think Mary looks at Sonya's Mohawk and alarm bells go off. Adam disses Matt's ninja mask, and praises their extraordinary bodies (while criticizing Kournti's "clown shopping bag" outfit). He says Matt needs to get down to the floor a little more, but overall it was fantastic.

Chelsea says Thayne wants to be a fashion designer, since he's always making shirts and picking out things for her to wear. Thayne says Chelsea is "quite the little flower thief." She's always stealing place settings and garden blooms. Finally! An actual crime!

They're doing the quick step by Heather Smith, which is a new style for both of them, and Heather busts out a hula hoop to help them get used to the frame.

They dance to "You Can't Hurry Love," the Phil Collins version, for some goddamn reason. They flit about the stage. This is not a style that lends itself to big showy moves, I imagine. It's more on-base percentage than home runs, if you will. A couple of the kicks seemed off to me, but overall it seemed OK. There's some Charleston action thrown in.

Nigel says it was a little too bouncy for his taste, and that they didn't really show their personality. He says that it was a better attempt than he figured it was going to be (nice backhanded compliment), but he thinks they'd best start preparing to dance for their lives. Mary acknowledges more than Nigel the degree of difficulty involved in learning the quickstep so quickly, and praises the effort. She does say Chelsea let down her partner somewhat. Adam says they're both great dancers, but they didn't look comfortable. It's OK for them not to be comfortable, but not for that to be apparent to the audience.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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