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Hip Hop, You Are Now Legitimate

Hey, when you think "African jazz," what music comes to mind? If you said, "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson, then WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU. It's a lot of running and jumping and sliding on sheets on the stage. I have no idea what to make of any of it.

Neither does Nigel; he says he was disappointed by the power the dancers were putting behind the routine, pointing to the very heavy beat in the music. Chris in particular was kind of soft. He says it should have been stronger and animalistic. Mary feels the same way, right down to saying "animalistic" a couple of times. She said they started strong but fell off. Adam says it's a very strong performance piece, and sometimes they were there and sometimes not. He says they have to let the music go through them. "I didn't see it in you face. I saw it in your bodies, but I didn't see it in your face." It's not off the chain, but on the chain. "At least there's a chain!" he says. Heh.

Will says Jessica goes by the nickname "Ariel" because she used to have red hair that went all the way to her butt. Jessica says Will is an absolute gentleman: ladies first, he opens doors, she says. Wow, we're really getting some juicy dirt tonight.

This week they're doing disco by Doriana Sanchez. She hopes Jessica really gets a chance to shine. But apparently Jessica's goofing off a little too much for Doriana's liking: "I want her to absorb things, and she just wasn't," says Doriana. Translation: she's going to be a heifer out there, but don't blame me.

They dance to "Heaven Must Have Sent You" by Bonnie Pointer. And to me it looks like they kill it: they're dressed in white, having a blast and spinning like Tasmanian devils. Although she does what I'll later learn is called a death fall that doesn't look great, Will holds Jessica by an arm and a leg and swings her around, and then puts her on his back to spin her around like he's a professional wrestler. Finishing up, he lowers her so she's bent over backward, but loses his balance and needs to plant an arm to steady himself. Unfazed, she plants one as well, doing the best she can to cover for him.

Nigel says he thought they danced it very well, but there were two or three problems. He mentions the death fall and the finish, but says they carried it off. Mary says there were many great things about this number, adding Will did a great job getting into the character and owning it, calling it a turning point for him. She says Jessica stepped up to the plate. Then she screams that they are LEAN MEAN DISCO MACHINES. Adam thought the routine was very fantastic, with some challenging material from Doriana. He calls Jessica "so beautiful it's scary." He has a hunch that she's her own worst enemy as far as confidence goes. "Don't get in your way," he advises her, and says Will is fantastic too.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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