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Hip Hop, You Are Now Legitimate

Gev, Courtney tells us, looked like a little girl when he was younger. And Courtney's going to school to be a special-ed teacher. Real skeleton in the closet that Gev's unearthed there.

They're going to learn how to rumba with Tony and Melanie, and neither dancer seems to have any idea what to do. "Let's get ready to rumba!" says Courtney, and is then sued by Michael Buffer. The choreography seems to consist solely of Gev grabbing Courtney's ass, which doesn't appear to be a problem for him.

They dance to Rose Royce's "Wishing on a Star," and start off in a lift, with Courtney sliding down Gev's back to the floor, which comes across a lot more labored than likely intended. It gets better towards the end, with twirls (including Gev holding Courtney in a star position and spinning her around), and they seem to relax by the time it's over.

Nigel says he's very happy with the routine, saying they did a good job, that they make a good couple. He says Gev reminds him of Dominic, who's in the audience (he was available!). He calls Courtney's outfit fabulous, and then annoyingly makes a joke about the wardrobe only being able to afford half the dress (annoying because I was going to make that joke, and making tired jokes is MY job). Mary thought it was really good, and praises a tight spiral and a (pas something? pas seour?) into a lift. She notes though that the routine could have been smoother in parts. Adam talks about how exciting it is for the judges when the dancers are onstage and doing well. He says Gev is a strong dude. Suggestions for the future: think more about what your hands are doing, and then takes a million hours to offer a suggestion about an arabesque, but then accidentally hits his microphone and then starts hamming it up and Mary and Nigel pretend to fall asleep, which is rather mean to a guy who understands that judging is more than screeching and laughing incessantly at one's own "jokes."

Comfort says Chris is a big moocher when it comes to food. "But don't touch his food. Don't even ask for his food. Don't even look at his food. It's not happening," she says. As for Comfort, Chris says she was in a beauty pageant when she was a kid. Must be a big secret, since we seem to have procured some photos of the highly classified event.

Tyce DiOrio is teaching them a jazz routine that's very "raw and earthy." Who gets the requisite "jazz hands" joke? Comfort! But it's more African jazz, which Comfort figures will be good for her to get back to her roots. Comfort promises it will be "off the chain" and Chris says Mary is going to scream.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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