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The Finale

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The Finale

Sixteen million people voted! So You Think You Can Dance: 1. Canadian democracy: 0. All the top twenty dancers are back, and they're dressed all in white. Here are all the people you didn't like as much! They're back!

Cat comes out in a brown tutu thing. Offstage, Björk relaxes, having fulfilled her wardrobe-mistress duties for the night. "All my babies are back!" squeals Cat, before sending them off the stage. Cat says that even though the show is two hours long tonight, there is absolutely "no padding." She will be proven a liar within minutes. Remember: we already know she's dancing with Nigel tonight.

Mia Michaels, Shane Sparks, Wade Robson, and Dan Karaty are all joining Mary and Nigel at the judges' table. Adam Shankman is in the audience, not at the judges' table. Nigel probably doesn't want him "talking crap" tonight.

Sum up the season in a sentence, Cat orders the judges, and Mia immediately uses up everybody's allotted words. Shane Sparks says this season's going to change the minds of a lot of dancers who didn't try out this year. Wade agrees that the talent is great, and says all the dancers help each other out, and there were no divas. Forgotten Jessi already? Dan calls the dancers "ridiculous," in the best sense of the word. "We've never had a top four like this before, and any one of them could be the winner." Mary immediately copies Dan and calls the dancers "ridiculous," and speaking of ridiculous, Mary mentions the "hot tamale train." Nigel gives a shoutout to Paula Abdul, sitting in the audience, over in the Is It Really In My Fox Contract That I Have To Be Here? section. I've got ten bucks that says she was out the door immediately after the camera picked her out here (after getting to the end, I'd like to point out that we never saw her again). Nigel then reminds everybody of Claire Callaway, who twisted her ankle last season and urged by Nigel to return this season to dance. Well, she's not doing that, but that's because she just had a baby. I guess the only dancing she's been doing lately is the horizontal bop. And there they both are in the audience! Awww. Wait -- is that Denise Wall? She's got some adoption papers with her…oh, come on, Denise! Quite hugging all the talented babies!

Cat introduces a highlights segment that threatens to take the show to the 1:55 mark. There are too many to mention them all. Fortunately, we see Brian Gaynor's robot. The top twenty come out to dance Tyce Diorio's Lion King routine. I didn't see this the first time around. I like it! A lot! If I were ever to get close to the point of maybe thinking about going to a Broadway show, this is likely one that I wouldn't object to begin considering possibly attending.

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