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The final performance of the evening is a contemporary piece by Mia Michaels, featuring all four dancers. We watch tired, sweaty dancers rehearsing, the streets outside the studio windows pitch-black, which gives us an indication of how late it is and how hard they've been working this past week. I mean, hats off -- three partner dancers, one solo, and a Mia Michaels piece, and presumably a group dance for tomorrow night, right? I'm sweating just thinking about it.

The Vitamin String Quartet doing "Hallelujah." The dancers are in tartans, the men are shirtless. It's very energetic and not one of Mia Michael's sappier routines. Very athletic. The girls through a loop the men make with their arms, and are caught, which Mia's done before, but it's still a cool move. So I haven't liked much about the other routines, but I like the Mia Michaels piece? What the hell is going on here?

Mandy blathers on about transcending the physicality, and she has the feeling she just witnessed something amazing. She says she would never have put the four of them together, but they danced together like a dance company. Mary praises Mia, and then says the dancers have to bring their A-game at this part of the season (could the judges enlighten us, since the dancers face elimination all the time, just when it's OK to not bring their best game). She singles out Twitch for praise, and calls Katee flawless. She's proud of them. Likewise Nigel, who praises Twitch and Joshua, two untrained dancers in the top four. He says Twitch and Joshua are the answer when people wonder how a dancer like Will could be eliminated. "I'll name names, I don't care," he says, adding that the two of them are inspiration for any one who hasn't had the same dance training that other kids might have. He calls the women "shining beacons," and then moves on the routine itself. He knows the dancers are tired, but when someone buys a ticket to the show, he doesn't want to know if the dancers are tired. "No one would complain after that performance," he says.

The judges send off the dancers with a standing ovation. This time tomorrow, we'll know who America's Favorite Dancer, At Least Among Those Who Watch This Show, At Least For A Year ™ will be.

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