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Cat sits down with Joshua next, and asks what growing up was like for him. He says his family didn't have a whole lot of money for dance lessons, but they scraped it together for him whenever they could. He also played football and ran track, but had to choose between the sports and the singing and dancing, and candidly admits that his coaches hated him after he quit football. Cat accuses him of being the biggest blubberer on the show, and then breaks down herself. Love her. He says his favorite routine was the samba he did with Katee. "Everything here is a blessing," he says.

For his solo routine, he dances to Funkadelic. You KNOW I'm down with that. He does some popping and then runs over to the judges table and pops and locks right next to Nigel, ending with the splits.

Mandy calls him smooth and full of charisma, and says he was wonderful. "Wow! What can I say?" yells Mary. Try NOTHING for once! She mentions "hot tamale train," and it's now in my TWoP contract that I get to ignore her once she says that. Nigel says Joshua has set the standard for having untrained dancers on the show. But ... he did have some kind of dance lessons, right? He said so in the interview with Cat.

Courtney and Joshua are dancing a Jason Gilkison jive. Courtney says she's nervous because the dance is very fast. Jason says Courtney and Joshua have raised the bar "one billion percent." I suppose he might have said "one trillion" but didn't want to oversell it.

Anyone who's watched this show at all can by now identify a drum beat as being Brian Setzer-esque, can't they? "Dirty Boogie" is the music. Boring dance, out of sync in a lot of areas. I'm just not feeling it tonight. I guess I'll wait for the judges to tell me how awesome it actually was. At least it ends on a relatively high note, with Joshua swinging Courtney around his body and then doing backflips. Standing next to Cat, the two of them look absolutely exhausted.

Mandy: "Holy moley!" She loved it. Mary says the jive is hard enough without all the flourishes put in by Jason (oh, and if you're wondering how it is an Aussie knows how to do the jive? It's because it's the same everywhere, basically. Thanks, Mary). Nigel praises the choreography, and then says he was disappointed in a lot of it -- the double bounce, the kicks. He shuts up the booers by pointing out that the whole reason for the comments is so the dancers learn something, which they won't if the judges just say things are good when they're not. He also refers to how hard this particular jive was, and calls Courtney and Joshua "brilliant, exhausted dancers."

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