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It earns a standing ovation from the judges, though, and Mandy's all, "Sorry, ladies, but guys rule." Mary screeches about how awesome it is that they have two hip-hop dancers in the finale for the first time. Well, good job sticking them with a tough Russian dance, then. She yells and yells and screams. Nigel says he expected them to be good at it, since it's Russian street dancing. He says the routine will be something that will be spoken about for years to come.

It's Katee's turn to come under the tough grilling of Cat Deeley. We go back to Vegas and reminisce about Katee almost throwing away her shot by shitting on Nigel's suggestion that she come back next year if she doesn't make it this year, which is great, if you haven't heard Nigel bring it up constantly all season. She reminisces about her first partner dance with Joshua, and we watch a Katee-so-crazy-backstage montage.

"Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap is the music for Katee's solo. Oh, god, that's this song. I hate this song! Katee does the best job possible dancing to a crappy song.

Mandy's advice for Katee: "Keep dancing!" Thank you, Mandy. Mary calls her a beautiful, athletic dancer, and Nigel praises all the different characters she portrayed, as well as the way she finishes her moves.

Twitch and Katee are partnering for a foxtrot, so we "enjoy" some "wackiness" involving Twitch cutting in on Joshua. Tony and Melanie are the choreographers, and we watch a lot of awkward positioning of the two of them. Katee's thrilled that she winds up with the man at the end of the song, and Twitch confirms that she's been chasing a man all season.

"Feeling Good" by Michael Bublé, Oh, come ON! I don't know if Twitch is still tired from the trepak, but this dance seems to be all Katee. She's cartwheeling and twirling, and he's just kind of there.

Mandy calls it "very romantic." Man, I can't believe I didn't figure this out sooner: every dance tonight is going to be awesome, in the judge's minds, right? Mandy praises one of Twitch's lifts. Apparently, putting someone in a tuxedo makes him look like James Bond, so Nigel makes Twitch say, "The name's Bond. James Bond," and Cat swoons. Mary praises the sweating-profusely Twitch, and all she says to Katee is "bravo!" Nigel lauds everything Katee has done, and Katee finally allows herself to smile. Nigel says Twitch was a little too strait-laced at the beginning (too British, says Nigel. Well, shut up about James Bond, then!) but then he relaxed. He says Tony and Melanie have been spoiled, because they'll never again get a dancer so good at pressage.

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