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Mandy calls it beautiful, that it was very old Hollywood. Mary says dancing with umbrellas can be dangerous, but they pulled it off. Nigel calls it a "happy routine." He advises Courtney to finish every move, like Katee does. He says Katee has just that little extra bit that makes him go "wow," and hastens to add that there's a miniscule amount between the two of them. Again, Katee barely shows any emotion.

Cat sits down with Twitch to find out what the deal is with his nickname. He says he was all fidgety in inappropriate places as a child, because he always wants to move. He grew up with his grandparents in Montgomery, Alabama, where there's not a lot to do. He almost joined the navy, he says, since he's deathly afraid of working a nine-to-five. Sure! What's easier than joining the military? He talks about the energy Kherington had, and how happy he was to paired with her through most of the season, and her elimination caught him off-guard. He says his favorite routine was Jean-Marc Genereux's Viennese waltz, the one based on his handicapped daughter. He says puts everything he can into dancing because it's the least he can give back to the art form.

"It Was All In Your Mind" by Wade Robson. Suck-up! It's extra-twitchy popping and locking. Good stuff. Being able to see the video-screen behind him explains why the dingbat audience members haven't been counting down the last few seconds of the routines anymore: the countdown clock is no longer up there.

Mandy says things about sparkling eyes. Mary lists all the great dances he's done (apparently, he's krumped like no other they've ever had!). Nigel confesses to being happy when Twitch was in the bottom three, because it meant he got to watch a Twitch solo. Amen. He talks about Twitch's humor, and calls him a great entertainer, which is bigger than being a great dancer.

Joshua and Twitch are paired up, and Cat says this will settle a feud that's been brewing since they arrived in Hollywood. And we watch a cute montage of the men mockingly calling each other out.

And what better way to settle things than with a Russian trepak, choreographed by Youri Nelzine? Twitch says the dance is very testosterone driven, what with the kicking and the spinning, and the brightly colored baggy pants and sashes!

The dance itself doesn't do much for me. The guys don't seem to be skilled enough to give the dancing the energy it deserves, and they just take turns trying to top each other. Physically speaking, it's ridiculous; the high leaps that the guys do, especially Joshua, are amazing. Elevation! But watching them stamp around and pretend to yawn at each other's moves like a Russian dance version of 8 Mile wasn't that interesting.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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