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This leads into Courtney's final solo of the competition. She spins and jumps -- what? That's it? Seriously? OK, you guys have TWO HOURS and FOUR DANCERS. Let them dance a full routine!

Mandy talks about how far Courtney has come and how it's important to train. Mary talks about how Courtney has fought for everything, and how she's an inspiration to lots of young girls, which makes Courtney start to cry. Nigel says he's delighted Courtney's in the top four, because none of them would have predicted it. "America has taken you to their heart, you're a bundle of joy to be with," he says. He says she should become a teacher as well, because she energizes everyone around her.

Katee and Joshua are up next, dancing for Wade Robson. Katee thinks being in the top four is "ridiculously crazy" and that she's been smiling for days. Have we ever seen Katee not smile? Wade tells us the theme of his piece is "love is hard work."

They take the floor to "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" by John Mayer. Slow and languid, with a rigid Katee being pulled this way and that by Joshua. She bends backward and he lifts her up with his foot. I'm not convinced that love is hard work so much as love appears to be a whole lot of whining and wailing, and you get heavy arms like "Thriller" zombies. They hug at the end, so I guess everything worked out.

Joshua can barely respond to Cat, he's so emotionally overcome. Mandy calls it beautiful, and says it's great to have Wade back. She says she was sold right from the beginning, with Katee inhaling and exhaling. Katee is uncharacteristically subdued taking in the comments. Mary agrees that the piece was beautiful and amazing, and "it's so nice" that the couple ended up together at the end of the performance. Nigel says there were "many remarkable things" about that routine. Chief among them is that Wade's back. Yeah, Mandy covered that, Nigel. He says everything that was "show-bizzy" about dancing was stripped from the routine. He says Katee danced it brilliantly, and talks about Joshua's "uncontrolled control." He calls Joshua brilliant as well. He says they're two of the best dancers they've ever had on the show.

Katee and Courtney are now performing a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine. "We have a girly-girl routine for once," says Katee. Translation: parasols! It's true you don't see many lumberjacks carrying parasols.

Their routine is to the "The Trolley Song" by Rufus Wainwright. Courtney appears to be late for... well, the trolley, I suppose. They skip and prance about the stage in froofy dresses, Courtney yellow and Katee, pink. Well, this is where all the "show-bizzy" stuff went after it was stripped from Joshua and Katee's routine.

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