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Cat's in a gold dress that's almost as shiny as her hair, which is hippie-chick straight and parted in the center. She announces the top four dancers on the stage, and four is not enough to adequately mob Cat as she strolls on to the dance floor, unfortunately doing that "4 Real" nonsense on her shoulder.

So everyone's dancing with everyone tonight (including "Joshuer" and Twitch, so get ready for some gay panic!).

Mandy Moore -- hey, did you know she's nominated for an Emmy? -- is sitting in with Mary and Nigel tonight.

First up: Courtney and Twitch, doing a Taboleon hip-hop routine. Napoleon promises it will be really "raw" and depict a pissed-off woman looking for her boyfriend in the club. We get a looong montage of rehearsal hijinks, and we're promised that Twitch will get punched in the crotch." Then they perform to "Church" by T-Pain. Courtney chases Twitch around the dance floor and yells at him, while he makes blah-blah-blah gestures with his hand. She air-punches him. She appears to pull a shotgun out of his pains and shoots it (at the disco ball?) but that's probably because there's a shotgun sound effect in the song. Twitch swings Courtney around on his shoulders, and the routine ends with Twitch in church, on his knees, praying. It's surely Taboleon's hardest-hitting hip hop, which is kind of like Hefty Smurf being the toughest Smurf. But it was pretty good -- energetic.

"You guys, that was awesome! Way to start it out!" chirps Mandy, saying she really felt the crazy girlfriend thing. Mary yells something about feeling the "crazy judge" thing, and then she yells at Courtney, something about being awesome, and then she screeches it, hamming it up, EVEN FOR HER. Nigel says when this is all over, he's going to miss everyone and everything, except for one thing: and then he pretends to shriek, but he can't make his voice get that high. He thought it was great -- after wondering what it is about Twitch that inspires choreographers give him crazy girlfriend routines.

Cat asked each of the dancers about what they're from, and what they're going to take away from the experience. Courtney's from New York, and she says everyone yells at each other instead of talking. She reminisces about her grandparents coming with her to the audition. What's she going to take away from this? "I know I'm not the best dancer. I don't think the show is about being the best dancer." She's got a boyfriend, named Brett. "There was this whole thing with you and Gev and the chemistry..." says Cat. That doesn't have anything to do with over-invested fans who insist that people who work together on-screen also sleep together, does it? Courtney talks about how great it's been to have her family support her, and she's made it farther than she expected to.

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