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Mamma Mia ... Here I Go Again

OH, the mixed emotions on this guy when I read the news that this week's Dance would be a Mia Michaels tribute show, wherein seven of her most beloved routines would be recreated. I mean ... okay, 1) Mia! I have missed her so, and these are some of my favorite routines of all time! But 2) the crippling WORRY about whether this season's finalists could ever possibly live up to the originals. These originals that have solidified in our memories and on our YouTube binges. It's already nerve-wracking enough when the routines get reprised on the finale, and that's when the original dancers are dancing them. It's a lovely idea, and Mia is worthy of a tribute, but this seems like something that might have been a better idea when there was a whole separate results show to work with.

And at the start of the show, Cat (dressed like a papier mache ice dancer) reminds us that the dancers have had two weeks to prepare these routines. Maybe spend this rare extra time creating something new??And FOUR more dancers will be eliminated tonight?? Did we know this?? You know how much I hate double-eliminations on this show. I know this is a result of things outside the show's control, but still: I'm all full of question marks and dread!

Mia, fresh off her intense performance in Step Up Revolution (where they totally reprised 80% of her Alison in Wonderland number, I should mention) looks happy as can be. Jidges this week are Nigel, Mary, and ballet professionals Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt.

After introducing us -- via photo -- to newest edition to the Taboleon family (yes, Tabitha gave birth to a little baby hip-hopper while we were all busy Olympic-ing), we get the group routine, a new Mia number featuring the dancers hanging onto ropes suspended from the ceiling. As with many Mia group routines, the dominant effect is starkness and the coming together of many dancers into one organism. Not the greatest of Mia's group routines, but a solid one.

Cyrus and Eliana: "Mercy" (a.k.a. The Door)
Originally: Katee and Twitch, Season 4
This week, each dancer begins by talking about one moment from the show's history that inspired them. For Cyrus, it was Brian Gaynor's audition (Brian is now Cyrus's roommate), while for Eliana, it was Wade Robson's peace dance in Season 3 set to "Waiting on the World to Change." I was very interested in seeing which pairs were assigned which routine, and I guess this makes sense for Cyrus and Eliana. For a male role this personality-driven, it was either going to be Cyrus or Cole, and Eliana is the rare female dancer this season who has a prayer of replicating what Katee did. But in practice, this just doesn't work, despite Mia incorporating Cyrus's mechanisms into the routine. Eliana can't seem to capture the screwballness of Katee's performance, and Cyrus, it goes without saying, is no Twitch.

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