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Everything Was Beautiful At the Ballet

The second big group routine of the night features the Season 9 Top 10 + the All-Stars in a hip-hop routine by Tabitha and Napoleon. The All-Stars on hand: Comfort, Twitch, Alex, Ade, Allison, Melanie, Kathryn, Marko, Brandon, and Anya. The concept is pretty much summed up by the music: the District 78 remix of "The Circle of Life" from The Lion King. It looks like a lot of fun, with tons of jungle movement. It makes me wonder why hasn't someone created a Broadway show -- a real Broadway show -- for these kids, because I would see the hell out of that. Marko does an awesome cheetah leap over two dancers at one point, in my favorite move. It's interesting to watch NapTab trying to wrest the hip-hop choreography crown back from Christopher Scott. I'm not sure they have yet.

Time for a winner! Or two winners! The girls are up first, and the pre-announcement montage leaves both women in tears. Cat announces that ELIANA is the winner, and she immediately drops to her knees, which: girl, I love you, but you can't be THAT surprised. Nigel's been touting you as the winner since like Top 16.

The outcome of the Guys' competition is a bit more in doubt, though I still firmly think Cyrus is the favorite. But when Cat announces the winner ... it's CHEHON! That darling boy! I'm sorry, I just love Chehon so much, and it seemed for so long that America just wasn't catching on to him. Hey, go TEAM BALLET! Two ballet winners! Oh man, you had to see Alex Wong LEAP into Chehon's arms once they allowed the other dancers to storm the stage. I have never once doubted the honest love the dancers on this show have for each other, and watching them assemble a scrum of love and support for Chehon and Eliana (and Tiffany and Cyrus and Cat Deeley) in the middle of the stage makes me so happy as the season comes to a close.

I love this show so much, you guys. I love every dancer who ever crossed that stage, even the ones I didn't. They made me believe in art and beauty right there on fucking FOX primetime. I don't know if it's coming back. I don't know if that confetti-strewn shot of Will lifting Cat Deeley off her feet is the last I will see of this show I adore. If it is, I guess I should say thanks. If not, I'll see you all next summer.

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