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Season 9, Finale

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Everything Was Beautiful At the Ballet

TIFFANY'S CHOICE: Tiffany and Ade: Contemporary (Mandy Moore)
There was some debate online tonight as to Tiffany's best routine. I'd say it was her jive with Benji, but this is her home style, so I get it. It's kind of a standard romantic contemporary, but she dances it so well. Afterwards, Tiff looks like she's got a mark on her forehead from a bump or something, and since she's also emotional about the occasion of being in the finals, it all adds up to her looking quite distressed. After she gets her compliments from the judges, Cat whispers "you did good," which is exactly why I love Cat.

Throughout the show, Cat presents the top 5 moments from the auditions:
#5: Heavy LeRoy, the after-school programs, dude.
#4: That mom with the adorable two kids.
#3: The Ninja Twins, who said their father gave them a choice between dance and sports, and they chose dance because they're fabulous.
#2: Mary's dramatic reaction to that Exorcist dance (I still really like it, as overwrought as it was).

The #1 moment is given to Dragon House, who get to showcase their stuff on stage, joined by perennial SYTYCD favorite Brian Gaynor. Cyrus doesn't perform with them, but they really make the most of their spotlight. They're so musical in their trickery, I love it.

Carly Rae Jepsen does NOT perform "Call Me Maybe," which I guess if your good news if you're sick of that song, which I am NOT. The new song, "This Kiss," is okay, I guess. I was mostly scanning the backup dancers for familiar faces. I think it was just Nathan Trasoras and Ryan Ramirez, and good for them.

CYRUS'S CHOICE: Cyrus and Twitch: Animation (Christopher Scott)
What I Said Then: Due to Cyrus's expert level at this style, I'm almost watching Twitch more to see how he's doing with this style. I'm so proud of Twitch, you guys! (Also, hi, Twitch managed to get good at the other styles during his season, so you know why I am expecting more of Cyrus.) The two men have insane control over their bodies and they earn a standing O. Their support for each other is awesome.

This was only last week. Can't say I expected my opinion to change much. Nigel tells Cyrus, "You stole the season," which is actually true, though not the purely positive statement Nigel thinks it is. He urges Cyrus to keep learning other styles and grow into a multi-faceted dancer, which I'm not sure ever really happens with the dancers on this show, and I think if anybody's going to do it, Cyrus hasn't shown much promise in the other styles to be the one to break out.

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