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Season 9, Finale

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Everything Was Beautiful At the Ballet
Aw, leave it to Cat Deeley to go for the glitzy fun of d-i-s-c-o.

What I Said Then: ... disco is so often hard to evaluate. In particular, so much of the heavy lifting on this one is done by Brandon, or the outfit, or the camerawork. But Tiffany sells it. There are a few clunky transitions, but she pulled it together near the end and zipped through some hip-shaking. The lifts are all ostentatious and impressive, sure, but they're all spotlighted so much that they never surprise you. They feel a bit labored.

Sorry, I'm always going to go back to Brandon and Janette's disco and compare this one a bit harshly to it. And this one still feels labored in comparison. Not VERY much, but enough.

CHEHON'S CHOICE: Chehon and Anya: Argentine Tango (Miriam Larici Leonardo Barrionuevo)
In the video package before the routine, Chehon talks about how he had to break through that emotional wall of ballet, ballet being the equivalent of a giant block of ice where dancers are imprisoned. It's an odd characterization that this show constantly returns to -- you should read this article by former TWoP recapper Sarah Blackwood about, in part, this very subject. Anyway, I'm proud of Chehon for showcasing ballroom in his encore performance, since he was so bedeviled by it during the season. And Mary's so proud of him too, which is the more important thing. I should also note that Mary is wearing a giant poinsettia on her shoulder, and good for her.

The next group performance is a Hip Hip Showcase, featuring Twitch, Comfort, Cyrus, and Christopher Scott. The concept is that they're four card sharks engaged in a pitched game of poker. Right near the beginning, they do a human freeze-frame effect, as the camera does a 360-degree pan around them, and OH MY GOD THAT WAS SO AWESOME. I actually had to pause the TV and have a private little freak-out. They're all dressed sharply as casino dealer types and the animation is SEVERE and so fantastic. I have to once AGAIN stop and freak out after Cyrus and Christopher do a little hand-choreography segment -- I looooove some hand choreography. Holy fuck, that was amazing, the whole routine. I think I'm okay with Cyrus winning now. Sure, he's a one-genre wonder, but if his one genre can give us THAT, it's every bit as wonderful as Chehon's best contemporary/ballet routines. Good for him.

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