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Season 9, Finale

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Everything Was Beautiful At the Ballet

What I Said Then: Tabitha and Napoleon call it "character-pop" from the break, so you know it's going to offend the hip-hop purists. Will plays Amelia's leg like a stand-up bass at one point, which is a move I have absolutely seen before and which makes this whole enterprise look like a rejected Stray Cats music video. What I haven't seen before is this insane lift that fools us into thinking Will just hauled Amelia up onto his shoulders by her leg. Amazing. Otherwise, the dance seems pretty retrograde, but the synchronization is on point. Still, it earns a standing ovation from the crowd and an all-time grosses comment from Kenny, when he tells Amelia that "If we had a kitty like you, we would play with you all day long." EW, KENNY ORTEGA!

It's really a very silly routine, and both Will and Amelia were much better on some of their other routines. Still love that lift, though.

MARY'S CHOICE: Chehon and Kathryn: Contemporary (Tyce Diorio)
Suddenly, this routine that was originally sold as being about generalized "tragedy" in the world is now explicitly about the Holocaust? (Or, per Mary, the "Hollycaust"...) This seems like serious revisionist history. I usually really like Tyce much better on contemporary, but this one never really connected on any level, big ideas or not. After it's done, we cut directly to Tyce and that ever-present PRAISE-ME FACE that, now that I've seen it, I can't un-see.

ELIANA'S CHOICE: Eliana and Alex: Contemporary (Stacey Tookey)
Oooh, I like this wrinkle of having a Dancer's Choice selection for each of the finalists. It's a nice window into the personality of the dancer, something that's been an issue this season. This seems like an obvious choice for Eliana, the first of her two collaborations with Alex and her first real triumph after breaking out of Cyrus's shadow.

What I Said Then: The dancing is humid and liquid and intense, but I think it was going for dangerous and sultry and it fell a bit short of that. Two delicious concurrent solos, but I'm not sure the chemistry was what it could've been.

I like it better this time around. The music really is such a huge part of the routine, and Eliana and Alex both really ride that wave. I think after having worked together again, their chemistry is even better this time. Afterwards, Nigel tells Eliana that she's his favorite, like, REALLY? WE HADN'T HEARD.

CAT'S CHOICE: Tiffany and Brandon: Disco (Doriana Sanchez)

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