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Season 9, Finale

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Everything Was Beautiful At the Ballet

I stand by all of that. Also, Nigel totally mentioned the Jeanine/Jason dance in his introduction. Great minds, Nigel.

LIL' C'S CHOICE: Witney and Twitch: Hip-Hop (Luther Brown)
Hey, C. Missed you this season. I didn't recap this episode, and at first I didn't remember the routine, until I saw Witney with all that hair strutting to the front of the stage. DAMN, she really did have star power. WTF happened, America? Did you stop liking magnetic blondes all of a sudden?

DEBBIE'S CHOICE: Tiffany and George: Contemporary (Sonya Tayeh)
I feel like I need to mention Sonya's new Nelly Furtado bangs and plaid suit straight out of the Cher Horowitz collection. Anyway, George! Oh, George. I have missed George.

What I Said Then: Smooth and light and lovely and connected, all what Sonya needed from them. Both dancers display stunning control of their bodies, and there's an elemental connection between them. George is the real deal. He dances through his fingertips, through his toenails, a line that Nigel totally steals from me.

I've come around on Tiffany in a major way since that first routine. Still think George was the best of the two of them in this dance, though.

ADAM'S CHOICE: Cole and Lindsay: Paso Doble (Jason Gilkison)

Adam prefaces his choice by saying he's grateful we have this show, which is a sad reminder that the show has still not been renewed for next summer.

What I Said Then: Cole is such an intriguing unknown quantity, with the martial arts background and all. Meanwhile, Lindsay is a poison that is inflicting Cole. In the routine! In the routine. On stage, Cole sure cuts a figure in his bullfighter's stance. This style fits really well with him actually. Lots of dramatic battle poses. As ever for a paso, the routine is dramatic as hell. Mary says it was Jason's best paso ever, and Nigel later agrees that it was the best of its genre ever on this show before. I'm not sure I was THAT blown away by it, but I can't find a whole lot of flaws in it either.

Sorry, still think the routine -- and Cole, and Lindsay -- doesn't live up to the hype.

TYCE'S CHOICE: Amelia and Will: Hip Hop (Tabitha and Napoleon)
When is Tyce going to just give up the ghost and pick one of his own routines? You know it's going to happen some year. Anyway, this is that alley cats routine set to The Cure song. As all great hip-hop routines are. New mom Tabitha is there in the audience for the first time since the baby. It's kinda weird that all these routines so far have been from Top 20 week, right? Can no one see past week 1?

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