So You Think You Can Dance
Season 9, Episode 11

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Black Swan Moan

After a ballet performance by L.A. Dance Project, and choreographed by Benjamin Millepied, Nigel is back with results. Oh my God AGAIN with re-explaining the process, Nigel??? You get input from the choreographers, YOU'VE SAID THIS. Nigel proceeds to save Witney. Audrey's like "Duh." It was the right elimination this week, but I am still amazed that the people who danced that Titanic routine are both out of the competition this early.

Next, Nigel says George's solo was the greatest he's danced all season. Chehon, meanwhile, can't transfer the quality of his solos to his partner routines, but they're keeping him anyway. So sure, fine, get rid of George. Can we just FF to the end of the season already, where Eliana/Lindsay and Cole/Cyrus will battle it out for the win? Ugh. Not even Jakob hugging Cat during the episode-ending dance-off can improve my spirits.

RUNDOWN! (as always, in order of my preference)

George and Allison's jazz
Cyrus and Jamie's contemporary
Chehon and Lauren's hip-hop
Lindsay and Jakob's Broadway
Tiffany and Brandon's disco
Eliana and Alex's contemporary

Witney and Nick's jazz
Will and Kathryn's Bollywood
Cole and Anya's cha-cha
Audrey and Twitch's hip-hop

Joe R doesn't like saying things like Worst Season Ever, but ... Questions, comments, and unadulterated love can be sent to him at

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