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Season 9, Episode 11

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Black Swan Moan

Eliana and Alex Wong (Season 7): Contemporary (Stacey Tookey)
Aw, Alex! The dance references a crumbling relationship, and Stacey says Eliana has to de-prettify herself for the routine to work. They dance to "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" by Nancy Sinatra, which is a fantastic choice. The dancing is humid and liquid and intense, but I think it was going for dangerous and sultry and it fell a bit short of that. Two delicious concurrent solos, but I'm not sure the chemistry was what it could've been. Regardless of what I think, the routine draws a standing ovation (though Benjamin looked like he was a reluctant joiner, or maybe I'm projecting). Eliana is Nigel's favorite girl, and this dance was "by far" Mary's favorite routine. She says it was "layered like the perfect tiramisu." Mary's hitting the wordplay this week!

Audrey and Twitch (Season 4): Hip-Hop (Dave Scott)
This is the lesser of Dave's two routines this week. Audrey and Twitch are a 400-year-old vampire couple, dancing all around their coffin. They sell the concept well; it's pretty funny, and somewhat reminiscent of Kathryn and Legacy's "On and On" in Season 6. Audrey holds her own, but you're not going to steal the spotlight from Twitch. Benjamin thinks Audrey could have given a bit more. Nigel wanted her to serve a bit more Helena Bonham Carter, but still, he says this is sure to be on the finale (... really?).


We're back to the quick band-aid-ripping results format this week. The Bottom 4 are as follows: Witney, Audrey, Chehon, and George. WHAT THE FUCK, AMERICA? At this point, these four have been in the bottom so often that it can't be a fluke. America is connecting to the bigger personalities in Will and Cole and Cyrus, fine. And I guess the Cole and Cyrus halos have transferred over to Lindsay and Eliana (the latter is fully deserving of her spot, don't get me wrong). I just don't think I've seen a season where voters set aside talent for personality quite this clearly before.

Nigel requests solos from all four, not that I think it matters. Witney delivers one of the more spirited ballroom solos of the seaon. Audrey dances to Jennifer Holliday's "And I Am Telling You," which is so weird. Chehon tears it down on his solo once again, but does it even matter anymore? America don't care, my darling. America don't care. Meanwhile, out comes George, the best dancer of the whole season, once again begging for special dispensation from Uncle Nigel to stick around and be ignored by the public for another week. Choke on it, you stupid damn country.

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