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Season 8: The Top 14 Perform

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The Funk of Laziness

Celine Dion's "To Love You More" is bland and inoffensive, I guess. For the first part of the dance, I start to wonder if Caitlin is ever going to have two feet on the floor, but she does get to do a little dancing away from Mitchell. That's mostly so she can get a running start for her leaps into his arms, though. It's very nice, especially if you like seeing Caitlin whirling through the air. Cat claims that the romance of the piece was almost like her and Joshua at the Fourth of July barbecue. Don't you wish you could have seen that? Anyway, the judges are standing and Mitchell is crying at the end.

Mary shrieks herself into tears and makes sure to tell us that Mitchell is injured. He is? I sure couldn't tell. She tells Caitlin and Mitchell that this is their time. Nigel loved the emotion and the leaps. He compares this routine's lifts (which worked seamlessly with the movement) with the lifts in the earlier dances, which were "lift ... and then move." He agrees with Mary that it's his favorite dance of the night. Travis says it was unbelievable and tries out his "Sassy Black Girl" voice to tell naysayers, "Girl, you crazy!" That was odd. Carmen doesn't make a lot of sense but insists that it was the best performance of the night. I would not go that far, but maybe I'm just tired. I know the final slot is supposed to be the Glamour Spot, but by the eighth dance of the night, I'm sometimes kind of danced out. And we still have the Ladies' Group Dance to get through!

Ray Leeper is in charge of the women, and we're told that he's making them sexy. They start out walking down a funeral aisle and then break apart and look for individual men. And then, I assume, they're going to sex them to death.

The song starts out so much like "Fever" that I paused the Tivo and tried to guess which version it was. But it turns out to be "My Discarded Men" by Eartha Kitt with Bronski Beat. I like it! The dance, however, is really, really Chicago-like. I wish I could get a better look at the facial expressions the dancers are putting on, because they look pretty entertaining.

The end! Here's what I thought, best to worst:

The men explain the stages of grief in a spotlight
Clarice and Jess end their relationship
Ryan and Ricky are fashion zombies
Caitlin and Mitchell Mandy-Moore it up
Melanie and Marko in red and black jazz
The ladies strut around in corsets
Jordan and Tadd waltz through the fog

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