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Season 8: The Top 14 Perform

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The Funk of Laziness

Ricky and Ryan. Ryan is from Morgan Hill, California. She met Mia Michaels at a dance convention in Sacramento, just when she'd had to stop taking dance classes for lack of money. And Mia swooped in and saved her, as I assume she is always doing somewhere. Ryan got to be on House with Mia, and there's a great picture of the two of them with Hugh Laurie where Hugh is making a face much more like Blackadder-era Hugh Laurie. Ryan got to play a weird, quirky nurse or something. Ricky is from Miami and loves the beach. He reveals that he was a cheerleader in high school, and I think we all know what Sparky Polastri says about the relationship between dancers and cheerleaders. They've got a Chucky Klapow jazz routine. They play people who died because of their love of fashion. It will be stylistic and involve "the funk of laziness."

It's going to be hard for me to be rational about this, because it is set to David Bowie's "Fashion." They're kind of herky-jerky zombies, I think. The reason I say "zombies" is that they do some Thriller-dance hand motions. Also because Chuck said they were dead. By the way, I've always thought it was nice of the goon squad to go "beep beep!" Just because you're goons doesn't mean you shouldn't drive safely.

Carmen asserts that Ryan and Ricky rock, mostly because she loves the music choice. Mary praises the quirkiness and then shouts a bit about Ricky going "Full-Tilt Zombie." Nigel calls it a "Zombie Zoolander routine" and works in a reference to Chucky the killer doll. But then he pulls himself together and mentions the dance. He liked it. Travis (who was in a similar Wade Robson dance called "Ramalama," if I've somehow managed to spell that correctly) thinks Ryan is a lock for Top 10. [It was no "Ramalama." That dance stands the test of time. -- Angel] When Cat delivers the phone numbers, she leaves a spot for Ricky and Ryan to shout their number. Ricky shouts it the first two times but appears to have forgotten it when it comes time to say what number to text. It's pretty funny.

Caitlin and Mitchell close it out! Caitlin is from Moses Lake, Washington. She likes ATVs and outdoorsiness. They have a trampoline! And she is sad that her father works overseas and isn't home all that much. Mitchell grew up without a father. He and his mother were homeless in Atlanta for a year. Then his mom got a job. And he's a very focused individual. They've got Mandy Moore and a lot of lifts. Mitchell has a lot of muscles for a fairly skinny-looking guy, so I think he'll be fine. He vows to show America how romantic he can be.

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