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The Funk of Laziness

"Nocturne" by Secret Garden sounds an awful lot like ... who's that singer? You know the one I mean. Never mind. This is a perfectly acceptable waltz, although it contains about 40% too many arm-waves for my taste. There is no sign whatsoever of Jordan being a siren. Or of any kiss of death. I guess Tadd ends by being swallowed up by the fog, though. Cat says there's smoke all over the first three rows.

Mary says, "Let's talk about the waltz for a moment." She means the waltz in general, not this specific waltz. It was quite scandalous back in the 1800s to have knees almost touching, you know. It caused duels in the ballrooms! She says that this was "American-style waltz," where you're allowed to separate from your partner occasionally. She loved the beginning and praises Tadd and Jordan with a lot of fancy jargon ("explosion lines" and "floor sweep" in particular). "And so, I say, well done, you guys." A nice, restrained performance by Mary. Nigel liked that Toni gave them a dance that worked within what they can do. Nigel: "Did you ever think you'd be doing Twinkles?" Cat: "Who's Twinkles?" Hilarious! Not that Nigel notices, because he's too busy being enraptured by the idea of a hip hop guy doing dance moves with French names. Travis loved it, although he thought it could have been a little smoother. "I feel like you guys were putting periods to the ends of your sentences and I feel like you should have run on all of your sentences." This is the other kind of dance jargon I love, when dancers and choreographers just invent metaphors to describe something that doesn't really work with words. Carmen admits that she doesn't know much about the waltz but says everything was so beautiful. I think she's feeling out of place because everyone else is breaking out the fancy dance terms.

Oh! Loreena McKennitt. That's who I thought that song sounded like. Did you guess right?

Clarice and Jess. Prepare yourself for a shock: Clarice's parents support her. She's from Whittier and goes to CSU Long Beach. Dance class, parents' sacrifice, etc. It's a little generic, frankly. Jess is from Little Falls, New Jersey. His father used to be an actor, and Jess has been a drama nerd his whole life. They've got Justin Giles for a contemporary dance about the end of a relationship. It appears that it's going to involve a lot of freezes and speeding up and slowing down.

Celeste Lear's "Light Through the Branches." That damn leg extension. A neat leg thing that Jess does. Yep, it's very stop-and-starty. I like Justin's style, and I look forward to seeing more of it. It ends with Clarice facing the camera (and away from the audience) in close-up as Jess walks off the stage and down the aisle in the background. It's a nice shot, but it's a little weird to have it so clearly framed for the television audience, not the people in the theater. I loved it.

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