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Season 8: The Top 14 Perform

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Sasha and Alexander are next! If I didn't love you people so much, I'd probably just stop watching after this dance. You will remember that Sasha was all over the auditions and the Vegas episodes. She loves her sister. And now for some new information: she's from an enormous Trinidadian family in Bakersfield. Alexander joined the dance team to get out of PE and ended up falling in love with ballet. He's from Alhambra and his father was an actor in the Seventies. "He was in all types of shows," says Alexander. "Barney Miller. TJ Hooker. Hill Street Blues." That's not really "all types" of shows. Those are just cop shows. Alexander doesn't know any of them. I will tell you that Barney Miller is one of my favorite shows ever. My moderator identity of "TWoP Dietrich" is named after Steve Landesberg's character. Anyway, they're doing a Shaun Evaristo hip hop routine. It's about Alexander wanting a kiss and Sasha not letting him. She explains that he doesn't have swag. Shaun agrees. There's a segment called "Swag Camp" that I refuse to indulge.

Cat crosses herself and introduces the dance. Miguel's "To the Moon" is something that means nothing to me. If it helps you picture this, that's great. Sasha does a lot of cheerful strutting across the stage while Alexander tries to get her attention. The side of her head appears to be freshly shaved. I think Sasha is supposed to be on a clean, innocent date, such as might end in a trip to Pop's Malt Shop. It's reasonably enjoyable.

Carmen: "Dag, girl, you were poppin' so hard!" She didn't really watch Alexander because she was watching Sasha all the time. Mary says that she didn't see the swag and draws some booing. She didn't feel the connection, and I think I agree with that. People boo Nigel before he even starts. He calls it "Hip Hop 101" and insists on talking about "swag" again. He recommends that they read "Hip Hop for Dummies," which is pretty rich from him. Travis says that he didn't hate it as much as the other judges, which the audience chooses to interpret as wild praise. He recommends that Sasha and Alexander work on their shading and musicality. He says that he felt them "slushing through it." He ends with "It just wasn't ... I liked it. I liked it." He didn't like it.

Jordan and Tadd. Jordan's from Chino Hills, continuing the theme of "dancers from boring California towns." I am unable to describe the footage of her dancing in the third grade. Her parents took her to a lot of classes, which doesn't come as a surprise. She claims that her appearance on this show is her way of giving back to her parents. Tadd's from Salt Lake City and was one of the very few Filipino kids in school. All his relatives are in San Francisco. And the Philippines, I guess. They've got a smooth waltz by Toni Redpath. Jordan is a siren who seduces Tadd with her singing, and then kills him with a Kiss of Death. Toni thinks they might be working too much on the death part.

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