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Season 8: The Top 14 Perform

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The Funk of Laziness

Even with the explanation, I'm not sure what's happening in the dance. But it's really, really cool. Each of the dancers has his own spotlight and set of weird motions, and occasionally they interact a little. I think Marko is probably the standout, because he's the shirtless one in the center, and I'm pretty sure he's "anger," so he gets to flex a lot. It was cool to watch, but I think I'd have liked it even better without being told about the plot.

Melanie and Marko kick things off. We'll be filling some time by going Up Close and Personal with everyone. Marko comes from a long line of doctors in Guam. He once played the role of "only guy not in a dress" in a drag show on a cruise ship. He's very insistent that he wasn't a drag queen in the show, although he did have to put on a dress and makeup to audition. Melanie is from Marietta, Georgia, where she flitted around being cute as a button. And her boyfriend came to last week's show to see her kiss Marko. When they enter the dance studio, there's a fascinating glimpse of the room on the other side of the door, which looks a lot like the back of a theatrical set. Are they not using regular dance studios anymore? I remember a few seasons ago they had windows, which I always thought was a sign of bad security. They've got jazz by Ray Leeper, who has a number about two kids from feuding families. They elope, of course. Melanie gasps with laughter at the idea of having children with anyone, "especially Marko." That's a little mean!

Dance! "Americano" by Lady Gaga. Again, there's no way I'd ever guess what the dance was supposed to be. Melanie is in a weird red-and-black ruffly outfit that gives the whole thing a tango feel. These two have great chemistry and they're not afraid to lunge into each other's arms. It's not quite Katee and Joshua, but it's quite good. Sadly, I thought the dance was kind of dull.

Travis says he's been taking classes from Ray Leeper since he was nine years old and praises Marko for managing to get people's attention while Melanie the Dynamo is out there. And Melanie, he says, is, "by far my favorite dancer in this competition." Carmen says that Melanie's legs are ridiculous. Wouldn't it be fun if that were literally true? Mary babbles about passion and heat. She does break out some dance lingo ("double pirouette with a ronde"), which is fun. And then she named Marko "The Domination Man," which I'm going to gracefully ignore. Nigel praises Ray and says he's now a fan of Marko. He correctly points out that Marko made a big deal out of not being a drag queen and then showed a picture of himself in full drag. Marko has no comment, Cat explains that he didn't inhale. She's so great at this.

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