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Season 8: Finale

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Dance for Jesse!

The final dance is introduced by Nigel. But first, he insists on praising the lighting director (Bob Barnhart) and the director (Nicky Parsons). That's fair. As far as I can tell, they do a great job. Then he gets all defensive about an article in the New York Times. Now, did you notice how Tadd wasn't in any dances after he was cut? Well, if there's only one dance left and it has to be a great dance from this season and the only two dancers left in the competition are Sasha and Melanie, it's obvious what it's going to be: Sasha and Melanie doing that Sonya Tayeh dance from a couple weeks ago. And it is! Yay! I liked this one a lot, too. I wonder if the dancers noticed that the order of the dances totally gave away who the fourth-place and third-place dancers would be.

Okay, we're down to Sasha and Melanie alone on the stage with Cat. They share an embrace and they're both already crying. I'm misting up a bit myself. Can't they both win?

There's a commercial break to let them breathe and they come back on stage. Cat fixes Sasha's microphone pack (she does everything!) and insists on showing a Top Two video while the girls look seconds away from completely breaking down. There's a lot of footage of both of them from the auditions, although Sasha got more screen time during Vegas. Apparently that whole "girls are beasts" thing is down to Debbie Allen, who gave that nickname to Melanie. I bet she regrets that now! This video is going on a little long. I hope we have time for a winner to be announced.

We're back! They're wiping away tears and holding hands. The second-place finisher got 32% of the vote and the winner got 47%. The winner is... Melanie! Fireworks! Confetti! Tears and hugging! Sasha is given flowers and led off to a wonderful life full of dancing and happiness. Melanie can gasp out a "Thank you!" and makes a little heart with her hands. And she gets a hug from Cat! All the contestants swarm onto the stage and lift Melanie onto their shoulders. She seems pleased.

So there you go: all hail Melanie, queen of dance!

Monty is okay with this decision. Follow him on Twitter: @montykins.

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