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Season 8: Finale

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Dance for Jesse!

Nigel introduces that Sasha/Twitch routine that was so keen. With the breakfast and the table? Yeah, that one. Twitch apparently rushed back from Step Up 4 to do this. See, at this point in the show, all the pressure is off the dancers so Sasha is free to just dance. I'm sure she's physically exhausted by now, but she can still do that great spot where she does a kip-up and then freezes with her back parallel to the ground. This was one of my favorites this season. I would like to see more Christopher Scott routines, please.

Sonya gets to introduce a routine! And it's the Top Ten Guys one with the doors. By Christopher Scott! So since there was a new Top Twenty dance and the girls also had the top ten dance, that means that every contestant who made it out of Vegas got to do at least two dances. Nice! This dance looks cool, by the way. Hey, it's Wadi! Hi, Wadi!

Cat orders everyone off the stage and keeps the show moving. Jesse gets to introduce another dance! He admits that he doesn't understand any of Mary's ballroom lingo. Then he calls Miriam and Leonardo "Meerkat and Leonardums," which is awesome. Then he mimes shooting at someone's feet to make them do an Argentine tango. "Dance for Jesse. Dance!" It's Caitlin and Pasha and it's very nice. Although, as usual, I have to assume that all the nuance is utterly lost on me. Jesse looks very pleased as he leads the standing ovation.

We've got thirty minutes to go. We have two more dances to go. Mary introduces Marko and Melanie's first dance. Travis Wall's statue dance! Oh, I remember this being good. Let's watch! Hey, it really is good. Melanie (yes, in a gauzy white wrap) has such great control. And Marko's so in sync with her. It's just lovely. And when it breaks out into the more aggressive movements in the middle? Chilling. Just great. They have less makeup on this time, so they look less like stone statues. It doesn't matter.

And now, since Melanie and Marko are on the stage anyway, it's time to bring Sasha out to cut one more person. Sasha is more poised than the other two because she didn't just finish a big emotional dance. The next person out is Marko, so the top two are Sasha and Melanie. Just like everyone said. They share a hug and Marko cheers for them. Marko's video package makes him look like a nice guy. Which probably isn't all that hard, I guess. Melanie looks like she's crying as she and Sasha applaud for him. He thanks his family. Melanie's definitely crying. I think Sasha's joking with her to try to break her out of it.

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