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Season 8: Finale

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Remember last night? Melanie and Marko had a disco dance that wasn't all that great. Sasha danced with Mark Kanemura and it was one of my favorite dances all year. Tadd tried to keep up with Joshua in hip hop. Melanie flitted around in a gauzy dress with Robert. Sasha and Marko danced to Ella Fitzgerald. Sasha and Tadd did a cha cha that I thought had very little cha cha in it. Marko and Lauren twirled around enthusiastically. Melanie and Tadd did a jazz number that involved sock garters. Melanie and Sasha did that picket fence dance that was nice but not as nice as the first time they danced together. And Marko and Tadd did a gumboot something that nobody was into.

Somewhere in that last segment, Sasha and Melanie both said that they thought it was really nice that their last dance was with each other. See, even they know that they're the top two.

Oh no! It's time for results already! The top four come out in whatever costumes the dance schedule requires. The girls are in kimonos and the boys are in suits. Cat announces that the fourth-place dancer is Tadd. He takes the news cheerfully and gives out hugs to the rest of the top four. Melanie, Sasha, and Marko almost go the wrong way off the stage, but Cat corrals them and points them down the stairs. Take a moment to think about how much work Cat has to put in, wrangling the dancers in between her regular hosting duties. Tadd's video package runs. It includes shots of him going down stairs on his hands. It also includes judges gushing about how he's a B-Boy. When it's over, Tadd gets flowers and applause.

Cat reiterates that they're live. Not on the west coast, you're not. Anyway, C has another routine to introduce. It's Chris and Ashley with "Please, Mr. Jailer." You guys, you have to see Cry-Baby. This time out, I'm watching Chris more than I was the first time. And I'm pleased to report that he's doing some cool stuff even when you get the past the neat strength moves.

What? There's a special top four dance? Exciting! Except that where there should be choreographers, there are Harry, Heather, and Maya from Glee. They scare the dancers by threatening to make them sing in addition to dancing. But it's just a wacky swerve. This isn't a dance at all! They're here to invite the dancers to the special premiere of the Glee movie. Melanie still has Lady Gaga's shoes, but she appears to have decided not to wear them on the red carpet. Hey, there's Ryan Murphy! And some other people that, not knowing Glee, I don't recognize! None of them are Jane Lynch. At this point, I think things have transitioned into being a pure commercial, so I'm cutting out.

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