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Season 8: Finale

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Dance for Jesse!

Cat gets to pick a routine? Yay! And she introduces the Top Eight Circus Routine by Tyce DiOrio. I thought this was okay, I think. I love the aesthetics of it, but the ropes are just kind of dangling there and aren't being put to all the use they could be. Still, I love that Cat gets to have her favorite dance done for her, and it's nice that the show brings back all of its contestants for things like this. See how nice this episode is? Just a lot of dancing and fond reminiscing without all the nastiness and backbiting you get from a reunion show. When they're done, they cut back to Cat, who appears to be standing exactly where she was. They didn't do this dance live, did they? That's kind of disappointing.

Special guest star! Matt Flint, the winner of SYTYCD UK is here. Part of his prize was to be on the US show. And he's a tapper, which means that the UK is a very different place. He's with Jess and Nick. Jess pulls off a triple-heelclick, which I believe is very difficult. The dancing is impeccably recorded so we can hear every tap, unlike that stepping routine last night. Mark gets a kiss from Cat at the end of the dance. Say! Nigel insists that it was one of the most exciting tap routines he's ever seen. He even brings up the Nicholas Brothers, which is going a bit too far in my opinion. It was good, but...come on. Watch this and you tell me.

Anyway, Mary would like us to watch Melanie and Neil being awesome. I am happy to, Mary! I'm always up for a little Bonnie Tyler-backed awesomeness. As good as Melanie was in that hip hop routine earlier, she was born to flit around in a gauzy white dress. Her full-speed jump into Neil's arms looks even stronger this time out.

It's time for Jesse Tyler Ferguson! Sonya, sitting next to him, won't look at him, so he's probably introducing a Sonya dance. He is! It's the one that made Marko's mother cry. With Allison? Lady Gaga was there? She cried? Look, we recapped the whole season, so I'm sure it's in there somewhere. It was good, I promise. Sonya claps politely, which is much more restrained than she usually is when she's cheering and whooping out in the audience.

Tyce now introduces another Sonya dance, and she looks shy. It's the Top Ten Geisha routine. You know what this show has a lot of? Dancing. Except for the occasional goofy video piece, it's packed with dancing from edge to edge. After the dance is over, Cat tells us that Sonya was yelling the whole time. I love how enthusiastic she is while watching her own work.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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