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Season 8: Finale

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Dance for Jesse!

The competition is over, but we still have two hours to get through. So it's going to be a delightful collection of the best dances from the season, plus probably some new things and maybe a few special guests. It'll be fun! Until three people have to lose. That part is probably going to be a bummer. For the record, I have decided that I am ever so slightly on Team Sasha. Although if Melanie wins, I'll happily switch to her. Sorry, Tadd and Marko!

The opening dance appears to have about twenty people. And it has a Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome aesthetic that I find very pleasing. Unfortunately, the crazy makeup and giant wigs mean that I can't be sure who these people are. I'm going to assume that it's all the contestants from this season, because that would be a nice thing to have to open the show. I'm pretty sure I saw Jess in there, anyway. And the final four dancers on stage are our top four, so I'm just going to say I'm right. And Cat confirms it! And it was a Sonya Tayeh routine, if you're curious.

Cat takes the audience's temperature, and it sounds like a Sasha crowd to me. And then she promises fabulousness tonight. The judge table is a little overstocked: Lil' C, Robin Antin, Tyce Diorio, Sonya Tayeh, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe. It's good to see Jesse Tyler Ferguson again, isn't it? This is his reward for being the best celebrity judge!

The four finalists come out in their weird Sonya outfits so the judges can pontificate at them. They're not really "judges" at this point, I guess. Anyway, C congratulates them on being in the top four. Robin claims that they've all won, which I don't think is a strictly accurate representation of what's going to happen later in the episode. Tyce says something about spirits and pockets or something. Sonya promises that she's going to start crying later and tells them that their futures are "glorious with dancing." Jesse starts to tell them to dance their hearts out but then "remembers" that the voting is already over so it doesn't even matter. He sticks with the general message that even the ones who don't win will have great careers. Mary also talks about spirit. Nigel says that all four of them are inspirational to kids across America. And then he apologizes for being a jerk last night when he told Tadd and Marko that a woman would win. Good for him!

Audition recaps? Oh, dear. I recognize some of this. Even the audition recaps include the annoying crazy people. Why do these shows think we're tuning in for deluded lunatics? We have the Internet for that! And the recap goes into the Vegas episodes, especially Sasha's sister Natalia being taken away in an ambulance. But she came right back, so the drama is kind of gone from that moment. And then we have a bunch of clips from the season. There's that dance that used "Please, Mr. Jailer!" Did you go and see Cry-Baby like I told you to? Look, I don't know what to tell you about this stuff. There are some great dances here, and I hope we get to see them on tonight's show. Cat claims that the montage made people in the audience cry. I guess it's possible.

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