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Those Poor Kids

When we come back, I think Cat's having to do a tiny amount of time-filling. Then it's time for more solos. Ryan runs back and forth and spins around. I don't get this solo at all. Ricky does a couple leg extension of his own, just to show that the guys can do them too. Cat dismisses the judges and Travis looks overwhelmed by the alleged responsibility of deciding who's going to get cut.

And now Florence and the Machine perform. There is no dance involved at all. They do have a harpist on stage, which is kind of interesting. This song is boring and there's a pretty good chance you've heard it already if it's the sort of thing you're into. I guess it's worth noting that I can't make out any of the words. This could be in Gaelic for all I can tell.

It's time to end some dreams. Cat reports that there are tears on the stage. Girls first. Nigel says that all the girls are beautiful. And that Kim Kardashian is here, at which Jordan gives a shout-out point. And Ashley waves like a loon at her. Ryan just smiles. Awesome. I don't know how you're supposed to react to Kim Kardashian, but I think Ashley had the right choice. Nigel blathers about showing "different sides" and "upping your game" and whatever. He tells Jordan she's doing too many développés, which I'm pretty sure means the thing I've been calling "leg extensions." The forums have a cruder name for it. He says she's been sensational in her routines, though, so her solo problems don't amount to much. He praises Ryan briefly and moves on to Ashley, who gets cut. Aw. Poor Ashley. Sasha is so overcome that she has to turn away from the camera. Ashley is in tears and Travis looks wrecked. He's not cut out for the dream-crushing business.

Boys! Nigel tells Ricky that, next to Marko, he's the best contemporary dancer they have this season. Well, that's faint praise at best. I mean, I love Marko, but it's hard to see how someone can win the whole season if they're not even the best in their own category. Nigel also wants Ricky to connect more with his partner. Chris does awesome solos. Nigel says that Travis very much wants to work with Tadd. Then Chris gets brought forward again to be told that he's being cut because he doesn't do enough in the routines, as opposed to the solos. That's fair, I think. Although I do like him.

Cat says goodbye, and both Ashley and Chris are clearly destroyed by this. Chris is trying to smile through his tears, but it's not going well. I assume that Cat will take them out for dinner or something, right? Geez, now I feel kind of bad for rating Ashley and Chris as my least favorite dance last night.

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