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Three more couples! Ashley and Chris had a salsa I didn't much care for. They're in the bottom three, which is obviously what they get for displeasing me. Nigel admits that last night when the judges were all "It wasn't quite there for me," they were just hedging their bets and what they meant was "That wasn't good enough." Clarice and Jess had Justin Giles and were pretty good! I'm coming around on Jess, although I'm largely indifferent to Clarice. Jordan and Tadd had a smooth waltz that prompted Nigel's traditional "You're a hip hop dancer!" freaking out. Jordan and Tadd are in the bottom three, and Clarice and Jess are safe. Travis gives this a thumbs-down. Mary says that the audience (that's you! Not me; I don't vote) must have gone to the kitchen and missed the waltz. She does admit that it might have been Jordan and Tadd's weakest performance to date, but she insists that it wasn't bad. I have a theory that the waltz is super-boring and aside from ballroom nerds, no one cares.

The last two couples are Ryan and Ricky; and Sasha and Alexander. Everyone loved Ryan and Ricky's Zombie dance because Bowie is awesome. Sasha and Alexander did that date-based hip hop routine that nobody was really into. I have a bad feeling about this, but at least I'll get to see Sasha's solo. But no! Sasha and Alexander are safe! Ryan and Ricky are in the bottom three! I'm shocked by that, actually. Travis admits that he, too, is shocked. "I think America got it wrong, for sure." He advises Ryan and Ricky to channel the emotions they're feeling (which he knows about) into their solos.

And now for Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. It's pretty awesome. I think it's slightly more "contemporary" than "ballet," but it's got an energy and muscularity to it that a lot of contemporary is missing. And there's a lot of movement going on all the time, which is a nice change from the pose-based dances we sometimes see. Also nice: there are no plot or characters. Or if there are, we don't have to know about them.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that Cat appears to be wearing a Wrestling Championship Belt. It looks good on her!

Okay, it's time for the solos. Ashley hops around and does some fairly ballet-like moves. Chris does some cool-ass popping. This is why the solos are in the show, because it's nice to see the dancers do something they're really good at. Jordan breaks out a leg extension in the first two seconds of her dance and works in another five before she's done. Tadd does a cheerful, good-natured routine that seemed a lot more hooked in with the music that most of the solos are. Then we have some commercials.

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