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Hello again! Joe R. is under the weather, so I'll be guiding you through the mysteries and twisty little passages that make up the So You Think You Can Dance results show. Let's go!

The opening group dance is a Bollywood number. As usual, I know nothing about Bollywood (and, odds are, neither do you), but it certainly looks better with fourteen people than the usual two-person jobs we get on this show. It kind of takes the fun out of the "guess the choreographer" game, though, because this show only knows one Bollywood guy, so it's obviously Nakul Dev Mahajan.

Carmen Electra is not here tonight, but Travis is still on the panel. So we're doing great so far. And Travis is in a more traditional black-and-white tuxedo, although I'm pretty sure it's still velvet. He explains that it was hard to give honest critiques when he knows he'll have to work with some of them next week (spoilers, I guess, unless "next week" isn't meant to be taken literally). I thought he did great! He never said "You're terrible" when he could say "Here's a specific thing to work on."

The first two couples are Melanie/Marko and Caitlin/Mitchell. Melanie and Marko had a jazz number that looked like it kind of wanted to be a Paso Doble instead. Caitlin and Mitchell had a dance that the judges liked a lot more than I did, although I certainly didn't hate it. Both couples are safe, which means that three of the remaining five couples are in the bottom. Cat comments that the hugs between the two safe couples seem to be going on longer than usual. When we get a look at them, Melanie has entwined her legs completely around Mitchell. One thing I love about this show that you don't get on solo competitions like Idol is that the contestants all work together and end up seeming to really like each other.

National Dance Day. Tabitha and Napoleon have a "hardcore master class," which is no such thing. Robin Antin causes this episode's contractually obligated mention of the Pussycat Dolls by having worked up an "intermediate intensive," whatever that is. And Mary Murphy has a "hot tamale salsa" that, we're told, anyone can learn. There's a guy doing it in a wheelchair. The music this whole time is that wretched Party Rock Anthem. And now there isn't just a day (July 30, if you must know), there's also a place: any Six Flags theme park. This just went from awful to hilarious! If it's at Six Flags, shouldn't the terrible dance music be the Vengaboys? To be fair, Nigel tries to distance himself from Six Flags, saying that you can do it anywhere. And then he drops Donny Osmond's name.

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