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Season 10 Top 8 Perform/2 Eliminated

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The Student Becomes the Teacher

We kick things off with a group routine to "Move to the Ocean "Baauer Remix" by Brick & Mortar, and it's kind of like a sexy burlesque bondage circus. It's a cool hip-hop-ish routine that involves a lot of pelvic thrusting and stomping. As they line up and shake their rumps I realize that we are down one guy yet again and I think it might be Aaron. But then, Cat doesn't mention it and it is never brought up during the episode? I have no idea what is going on, and am pretty sure I only ever saw three guys on stageā€¦ who knows. It was a cool routine, worth hearty applause but no standing ovation from your recapper.

Cat comes out in a sequined strapless jumpsuit and enough fake tan for all of the dancers and herself, and tells us that Mia choreographed the routine; it's a very pleasant surprise to see her back. I admit I got a little bit bored by her style after a number of seasons but now that she has been gone a while I do miss her quite a lot. This week the twist is that the All-Stars are going to be choreographing the routines themselves, which has the potential to be really cool. The judges tonight are Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Jenna Elfman who actually has a ton of dance credit under her belt. I remember hearing that once -- I can't remember people's names when I meet them, but I remember the random tidbit that Jenna Elfman was a ballet dancer. This is why I'm awesome.

After a recap of last week Cat calls forward Fik-Shun, Jenna, Tucker and Hayley as the bottom four. Nigel tells us that this is the last week that the judges will be saving everyone, and that that this means that the dancers that make it tonight are going into the finale. It's a little muddled, his explanation, so I'll just watch and see what we get in a week's time. For now, he wants all four to dance solos. Also, they have time to kill during these two hours since we only have eight dancers left so we might as well throw them in.

Fik-Shun is up first and starts with a crazy backbend down to the floor and back up. His moves are really sharp, he's grinning and mugging the whole time, and it's generally fun to watch. Hayley is up next and does a lovely if standard contemporary routine full of sweeping motions and long lines. Jenna has on a long skirt she whips around like Alan did with his cape a few weeks back -- she actually then rips it off and throws it aside for the last ten seconds or so. Finally, Tucker also does a contemporary routine to guitar-heavy music but as always, his movements are amazing to watch. He just somehow kicks everything up a notch above the other dancers.

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