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Season 10 – Top 6 Perform, 2 Eliminated

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Super Six

Tonight, Cat gets right down to business introducing the top six. Cat is looking 70's Gatsby in a shimmery, gold, cocktail-length dress with a floaty skirt and tells us each dancer will be dancing three times tonight. So let's get to it right away, shall we? Jesse Tyler Ferguson joins Nigel and Mary at the table this week and Nigel promises to still be tough even though this week the results are entirely based on America's votes.

Cat then introduces the opening group number, an African jazz piece choreographed by Sean Cheesman, to "Hlohonolofatsa" by the Soweto Gospel Choir. The girls are lying on top of the guys and immediately the dance starts out with the guys pressing them up in the air in a cool, graceful move. The dance is super fluid and beautiful, and the movement is accentuated by the girls' long white skirts. The music is joyous and the movements absolutely match that; it must help that these six dancers are thrilled to still be in the running.

This week's special intros are messages from the dancers' families back home, which are very sweet, but I can sum them all up by saying that the dancers' parents love them, are proud of them, and love to watch their kids dance. Each of the kids then does a solo. Amy's shows off her amazing extension as well as her amazing abs. Fik-Shun's solo is actually great -- it's really, really fast and crisp, full of tricks, and probably one of the best we've seen this season. Jasmine's solo reminds us all that Jasmine has these strong, gorgeous legs that are approximately ten feet long. She has an ease of movement that's harder to find in someone so lanky, and I say that as a fellow tall, long-limbed girl.

Paul's solo shows us that his hips are loose like spaghetti and he's great in his own style. Hayley's solo is probably her strongest -- she exudes a feeling of strength and fighting for it that is what Nigel always seems to be looking for. Aaron's solo reminds us that he's a great tapper and also just an amazing showman, which has been proved by how well he's pulled off everything this season.

Paul is up first with an All-Star, dancing a jazz routine with Kathryn choreographed by Tyce Diorio, which Paul is excited because it feels kind of Samba-esque. We start with Kathryn up high in a skirt about 20 feet long; Paul busts out from behind and then she rips it away to show that she's on a giant ladder, and she then artfully climbs down it to dance. It definitely is kind of ballroom-jazz, and Paul super-ballrooms the movements. I'm not sure I saw it as a battle between the two of them as I did a collection of movements that involved ton of swiveling hips. It was very well danced, and fun, but not going to inspire me to rewind and rewatch.

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