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Season 10 – Top 4 Perform

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Phenomenal Four

Meet your top four, America! Amy, Aaron, Jasmine and Fik-Shun all come out in white outfits before Cat comes out looking amazing in a bejeweled flapper-esque dress, with her hair all curled. Her hair actually looks like mine does right now, as I just came back from the hairdresser. Coincidence? Or the universe saying we are to be best friends? I suspect the latter. Tonight each dancer will do a solo, will dance with each of the other dancetestants, and then get to choose a style that they will dance with an All-Star.

Here to not actually judge them tonight are Nigel, Mary, Paula Abdul and Olympic gymnast and America's Sweetheart Gabby Douglas. Cat tells us that everything Gabby knows about dedication, training and technique is what qualifies her for the job this week. I'm not sure if I think that's wholly a good reason, but she's adorable and looks amazing in a funky yellow dress, and we all know she's awesome at what she does, so we'll see.

Amy and Aaron are up first with a Ray Leeper jazz routine to "Primitive" by Richard Vission vs Luciana. Both are wearing costumes to make them look all tattooed, and the dance is appropriately hard-hitting and sexy. It's probably the sexiest Amy has been all season -- we know she's great at cute and emotional, but she gets down and is awesome and pretty sultry. Aaron is great, and he's an amazing partner for a number of crazy lifts -- at this point we know all four remaining dancetestants are awesome and who wins is really down to personal preference and whose teen fan base is the most obsessive. It's overall a great dance and they look like they had fun.

Nigel gives a shout-out to this season's costume designer and basically just says they are both great and set the bar for the evening, and Mary agrees. Gabby adds that loved it. Paula likes that this was something different for both of them and then compliments them on a number of specific dance moves. I don't know what most of them are, but this kind of feedback is what I love, when it actually pertains to the actual dancing technique.

Cat explains that for next week's finale, they wanted some audience feedback so she asks if we'd rather see Travis Wall's Silver Screen routine with Melece and Jade, or the Wicked Games routine that Travis danced with Amy. Seriously? Poor Melece and Jade. When Cat checks in on the results later, it's 10% to 90% in favor of Travis and Amy, which is no surprise given that many people said it was their favorite routine all season. It's actually almost insulting that they even put it up for a vote.

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