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Season 10 – Top 12: Perform, 2 Eliminated

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The Last Cut Is The Deepest

The opening group number is an energetic Bollywood affair, though I'm not sure if the plastered-on smiles are as integral to the genre as this group seems to think they are. Everyone's moving too fast to settle on just one performer, but Amy and Alan most often find themselves at the fore, and Nico gets a nice spotlight moment where he flips into the center of the group. After Cat takes the stage, she points out that Tucker was not among the group dancers due to an infection in his knee. It'll be interesting to see how that goes, as the last couple times there have been injuries, both Jade and Curtis were lingering near the bottom of the ranks anyway and thus were easy cuts. You can't really say the same about Tucker. But, per Cat, even if Tucker survives this week, he'll automatically be in the bottom three next week.

Jidges this week: Nigel, Mary, and Kenny Ortega. It's nice to have someone with dance expertise up there, of course, but my GOD where have they been keeping Debbie Allen???

After catching us up on last week, Cat calls out the bottom six, which this week is an even half of the remaining competitors. They are: Jenna, Alan, Malece, Nico, Amy, and Tucker. Which means a few things: first, that Makenzie finally crawled her way out of the bottom. Second, that Aaron, Paul, Hayley, and Fik-Shun made it into the Top 10 without ever being in the bottom once. And third, that Amy and Malece are suddenly not as Teflon as they might have seemed. You might think that Jenna -- one of my favorites but a perennial bottom-dweller -- would be in danger against two dancers in danger for the first time, but Nigel sends her to safety, meaning either Amy or Malece will go this week. I'm pleased but pretty surprised. Also surprising is that Nico is also sent to safety, once Nigel confirms that Tucker is able to dance a solo tonight (but... not his pair dance? because he couldn't rehearse?). I get the feeling that Nigel has never been a big Tucker fan this season, because clearly he's been the superior performer to both Nico and Alan thus far. Whatever. Tucker's chin starts to wobble for his girl Jenna when she gets saved, so I'll be rooting for him once again.

The knee injury doesn't appear to hinder Tucker too much during his solo, though there are a couple leaps that seemed a bit hesitant. Amy's solo is full of her throwing herself into every movement she can think of, which compared well to Malece's more delicate solo. Alan's solo isn't as impressive as his last one, though that one got crapped on by Nigel, as I recall. It's also full of that Alan-style just-having-fun facial expressions that are killing him in this competition. If I'm guessing, it's him and Malece who will be going.

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