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So tonight the top 10 kicks things off with a cool contemporary-ish piece to "The Gravel Road," a piece of score from The Village soundtrack. They're all Depression-era cool in pants, vests, and dresses in varying shades of tan, and dancing with rocking chairs. I'm surprised but pleased to learn it's Christopher Scott who choreographed the piece -- I love that he can expand out of his own genre, which not every choreographer can do. It also explains why I had a much harder time playing "guess the choreographer" for this number.

So this week, our pairs are broken up and the dancetestants begin to dance with the All-Stars, which is totally my favorite part of the season. Cat introduces this week's jidges: Nigel, Mary, and -- surely making poor Joe R so sad that this was the week he had to take leave -- Debbie Mother-F'ing Allen. So, this is going to be a good week. I am never sorry when I get to recap her, on any show. First up, we find out that the dancers in danger are Tucker (on account of his not being able to perform last week), Makenzie, Nico, and Jenna. Nigel points out that all of these dancers have already danced a number of solos and they want to get on with seeing the All-Stars so mercifully we don't have to suffer through Nigel berating them for not actually dancing for their lives. (Also, I tend to agree with him on that.)

First up this week are Amy and Brandon, doing a Doriana Sanchez disco. I love her routines, and Brandon knocked disco out of the park with Janette during his own season, AND I'm excited to finally see Amy dance with someone else. She and Fik-Shun were almost so cute that it made me start to tire of them, but I do think she's a fabulous dancer. They're dancing to a remix of "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston and while it's fast and fun and full of sequins, Amy seems to be struggling a little bit. I feel like their transitions aren't perfect, and it's almost like she isn't quite ready to totally trust Brandon yet.

Doriana gives them a standing ovation though, which I think is super sweet. Mary praises Brandon for hitting all the lifts, which is great and all except that Amy is the one, you know, competing. I will give them props for an amazing death drop at the end that came about an inch from the floor, and Mary rightly compliments them on that. I may have felt like something was a tiny bit off, but the judges all loved her and Nigel tells her to watch Melanie later, since Amy reminds him of the former champion.

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