So You Think You Can Dance
Season 10 – Auditions: Los Angeles

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Oh, Armen "Armen Way" Avetisov (27, Glendale, CA) is the greatest creation ever. He's a Slavic ballroom dancer who shows off his abs while waiting in line and who doubles as a rapper. We see snippets of his music video, which is filmed in Vegas and features bikini-clad women washing cars ("basically like traditional music video style"). It's like Pitbull style finally made it to the Baltic states. I love it so much. To make it even better, he auditions to The Wanted's "Glad You Came," the secretly skeeviest song ever. On stage, he is -- as you might imagine -- very, very demonstrative. Not as smooth as cute Paul from earlier, but certainly more macho. This guy bathes in macho all day and then splashes some more on himself as he heads out the door. Mary doesn't even want to hear judging -- he's going to Vegas. Hopefully to film another music video in between competing!

Tomorrow: Detroit! And Twitch!

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