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Season 10 – Auditions: Los Angeles Part 2 and Austin

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On the Plus Side, Not Even Mary and Nigel Will Flirt with Four-Year-Olds

It's nice to see that Cat Deeley has not aged at all since the last time I recapped So You Think You Can Dance, although it does make me feel little worse about the fact that I look increasingly like Gollum. And not just like Gollum, but like Gollum going on very little sleep.

Anyway, we're in L.A., which is the hottest city on the tour "in more ways than one," according to Cat, by which she means the temperature is hot and you will also want to have sex with most if not all of the dancers.

Second day of L.A. auditions, with Nigel, Mary and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who needs to be bleeped and mouth-covered when he comes out on stage to the cheering crowds because he is so profanely excited to be here. I start cursing and smiling too.

Nicholas Stewart, aka "Slick," has invented a style of dancing called "flex-dancing." "Flex-dancing" appears to be when you pop and lock and bone-break but call it "flex-dancing." Actually, he is very limber and his body makes cracking sounds that gross out bystanders, and I guess "flexing" does sound more appealing than "dislocation." It's an aggressive style from Brooklyn, he says, where he helped push the scene, but he came to L.A. because he felt safer out here. Needless to say I like him a lot, and his herky-jerky animation and flexing have the judges screaming partly in delight, mostly in pain. There may be people fainting in the audience.

Jesse looks like he's going to throw up -- it's his first experience with flexing. He needs a drink and Mary needs a massage, but they agree he's great, including his footwork. Nigel wants to see him try the choreography, and jokes he won't let go of his partner's arm when she pirouettes.

From bone-breaking to heartbreaking: Alex Kessinger, 18, was four and her brother were two when they were placed in a foster home. All she remembers is police being called. The only thing we're told by Alex's aunt -- who raised her, and coached her since she was nine -- is that Alex's mom had issues and probably shouldn't have had kids. But hey, then we wouldn't have Alex, would we? You know before she starts her jazz routine that she's going to be great, and, being gorgeous, will enthrall Nigel. (She doesn't even need to wink at him -- them -- but she does.) I don't watch this show as often as I used to -- and now my daughter watches with me -- so it's nice that there are some constants to hold on to. She gets a standing ovation from the crowd, and Mary simply screams "VEGAS" which is a huge shock, and Alex seems a little too fake-surprised at how much the judges liked her.

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