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Hao Hou is in a loincloth (and underwear, THANK GOD) dancing some kind of tribal routine. It's not anything close to being what this show is about, and Nigel politely wants to know why he dressed like that and danced like that. I was kind of hoping Hao would say it was the traditional dance and dress of his people. But his rationale is simply, "Go big or go home." That prompts some double-entendre tittering, as Tabitha points out Hao had to hold "his package" in place during some of the moves. Hao goes home, knowing that he's going to be on television not for dancing well, but for having a big schlong. There are worse fates.

The final contestant is Lizz Plott. She's an impossibly cute blonde dancing tap. She's really good, and really toned, which I imagine is necessary for a tap-dancer with an exposed midriff. "We keepin' it real?" Nigel asks for some reason. He says she was terrific. He loved everything about her. She says she was here last year, and did contemporary/hip hop, but she's a tap dancer and wants to represent tap. Mary calls her the best female tap dancer they've had on the show. Taboleon also loved her, and she's going through to Vegas.

After the choreography round, the judges don't feel they got enough out of Raymond, but encourage him to keep up the choreography.

For the final bit of filler, a mystery dancer arrives unannounced at the end of the first day in a raincoat and umbrella, dancing to "It's Raining Men." It takes the judges way too long to figure out that it's a guy dancing in a red outfit and blonde wig. But the dancing's too good to be somebody having a laugh. The song is the original version (I think) but the dance routine is pure Ginger Spice. She's "Danielle Chorizo." I think I know you, says Nigel, after "Danielle" steps to the microphone. "You -- you're not Ryan Seacrest, are you?" Actually, it's Travis Wall, we find out, anticlimactically, after he strides off the stage.

Milwaukee, you just got served.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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