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But, not surprisingly, he makes it no further. Ashley Henry is already laughing her ass off as she walks to the microphone. Anybody think she's going to Vegas? Nope. "I called in Muncie, Indiana, and I already got me two ballet classes, and I will see you next year," she says, and heads off the stage. Nigel says, "I enjoyed watching your booty-shaking." He actually says those words! Susie gets faked out by Napoleon, who says it's sometimes possible to make a bad impression on the second time out. But not her! She's going to Vegas!

Day 2 in Milwaukee. Cooper Zamorano takes the stage with a contemporary/ballet routine that's really good. Nigel compares him to Travis Wall, and the other judges love him too, and he gets the ticket to Vegas. Yesenia Gomez auditioned last year. I remember her! She made it to Vegas but eventually got sent home. She's worked hard, though, lost fifty pounds, and she launches into an energetic hip-hop routine -- energetic until her knee gives out and she can't continue. She explains that she suffered a dance-related injury, and Nigel tells her she needs to get the injury sorted out. Nigel offers to critique her anyway, and she starts to cry, knowing she's not going to be sent through, and I have to admit I got kind of misty-eyed too. She launches into a story about how getting a chance last year turned her life around, and she's been working hard, getting on the treadmill, etc. My tears dry up and my eyes start rolling as she feeds off the applause and begins to ham it up, but she seems genuinely grateful to the judges, and promises that she will be up again on some stage, living her dream.

Philip Courter is Yesenia's friend and auditioned last year. Him I don't remember. He does a wicked backflip and fantastic robot, and what I can only describe as an inside-out frog hop. Before the judges can say anything, he starts talking about Yesenia and how he wouldn't be here without her, and they don't have a lot of money, just their friends and their dancing. He and Nigel reminisce about how last time they met, Nigel thought he was one-dimensional. Well, now he's three-dimensional. Nigel thought he was terrific, as do the rest of them, and they send all send him straight through to Vegas. Provided he can stop crying long enough to pick up the damn ticket. Outside, he hugs Yessie, who tells him he better "kill it" in Vegas.

Raymond Love dances with a partner (who isn't auditioning) but doesn't get too far into a listless routine before Nigel stops them and blasts Raymond for being completely emotionless, which is unacceptable for Nigel. After all, his partner is hot, so Raymond ought to look like he's barely able to keep from boning her, or something. "I want to feel that you give a shit about her!" Raymond takes his socks off, so you know it's on. Only even I can tell he's only marginally more engaged. The routine is pretty good (with a terrible lift), but Nigel's still not happy, except with the choreography. "You're a really good choreographer, young man. Now how are we going to get you to dance it better?" There's some arguing over the dance, which has to do with the Song of Solomon, and Raymond was going for sensual, not sexual, and he's a minister or whatever, and there's some mild gay panic when Nigel says Raymond could have been dancing with any old person up there. Like a guy. Raymond shakes his head quickly, and Nigel apologizes. Whew! That was close. Can't have dancing associated with homosexuality! In a rare instance of disagreement, Napolitha want to send him to choreography, while Mary doesn't. So Nigel's the tiebreaker. "I'm not going to see talent like you disappear easily," says Nigel, and sends him through, which I think was the right call.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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