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Ashley Henry desperately wants a ride on the "hot tamale" train. Are you thinking, "Oh, everyone says that"? Because if you are, she's got news for you! She actually means it! But her routine is just a bunch of crazy hopping around. Tabitha praises her charisma, but says she needs dance lessons. Ashley asks "Miss Mary" to give her a chance. Nigel says she's not good enough to get sent straight through, but he's willing to send her to choreography, if only just for the experience. Mary reluctantly agrees, saying she must be crazy. "You're not crazy, you're just feeling the vibe!" yells Ashley. If the vive is "endearing for now, but potentially migraine-inducing before long," then sure.

Susie Garcia is a high-school teacher. "I know that's hard to believe," she says, because she thinks she looks sixteen years old. I'd like to tell her that singlehandedly depleting the world's supply of purple eyeshadow does not make one look like a teenager. And point out that people who actually look younger than they are don't need to inform people of it, because people can see it for themselves. Short skirt, pink bra, black knee-high Converse. Oh, it's Avril Lavigne! Well, certainly she's no older than sixteen -- Oh, my word! She's not a student at all! She dances some...I want to say salsa? Nigel says there were parts of her routine that reminded him of Shakira, but only parts (not the parts you might be thinking of, because Susie's aren't "small and humble"). Mary says it was sexy, but not that good. Napoleon and Tabitha agree, because these two always seem to agree with each other, but that's true of all the judges all the time anyway. Nigel comes off the fence because he wants to ogle her some more and so sends her to choreography. "It's cold enough out there for me to need something hot, and you're hot."

Rebecca Hart tries not to sparkle as much as she did when she was on the show before, since it made her look like too much of a competition dancer. So she does her contemporary routine to a sad song (albeit with a huge grin on her face), and she's really good. Nigel says she's the best he's seen today, and Tabitha says she understands the earlier comments about being too competition-y. Mary remembers her from two weeks ago, and praises her for how much work she's done. They send her straight through to Vegas.

Brice Casimir is originally from Cameroon who dances at a retirement home for seniors, so I'm automatically going to like him. We get to see some footage of him hugging the old folks. He dances a hip-hop routine with a lot of robot stuff, but this is one of those odd auditions where Nigel goes off on someone for an odd reason -- in this case, Brice isn't looking at him enough. "Why am I wasting my time if you're not going to dance for me?" asks Nigel, who adds that Brice must learn to perform, because some of the stuff he did was fantastic, but he's got to be less insular. And as usual, Nigel sets the theme, with Mary agreeing with him. Napoleon thankfully speaks up in favour of sending him to choreography, and Mary and Nigel agree.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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