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Next up: Evan Kasprzak, doing some Broadway. It involves a brassy horn section and hat flipping, which to me mostly comes across like parody now, but I don't know anything, plus his multiple-spins at the end were well done. Nigel talks about how he encapsulated the '40s and '50s style of dancing, calls it tremendous. "This was effortless. You could tell that you were in completely in charge of everything you did," says Mary. Napoleon and Tabitha liked it as well, and he gets a ticket straight through.

Victor Campos has on some kind of Zorro outfit and doesn't dance so much as he moves like a minor-league baseball mascot trying to get the crowd to do the wave. "That was all about the conflict between individuality and society's pressures," he says, when asked to explain. "See, I told you!" Napoleon tells Nigel. Heh. Nigel asks to see Victor's face, and Victor snottily says no because Nigel didn't ask nicely enough. Nigel politely points out Victor could have just said "no" without being rude. Mary notes Victor calls his routine "silly pop" and says it's more like "crap style." Napoleon and Tabitha also shit on it, as nicely as they can. And Victor, having failed to draw any reaction other than boredom, now seems to try to pretend that he's earnest about his routine, and it's all bullshit. Outside, he says, "I was trying to convey that it's OK to go out and have fun, even though other people might not like you," he says. This leads into the Milwaukee "montage o' suck," featuring Travis France, who's all jumping splits (and not very good ones).

Kourtni Lind is there with her mom -- who is also her best friend (natch) and dance instructor. She dances a contemporary routine to Ani Difranco. (!) And not even an actual song, but one of her more poetic/spoken-word pieces that everyone skips over. "You're very interesting, aren't you?" says Nigel, before leeringly telling her she looks like Uma Thurman (very slightly). He compliments the way she choreographed every part of her body. Mary loved it too. So did Tabitha and Napoleon. Fortunately, Mia Michaels isn't here to give her a tongue bath as well. And she gets straight through to Vegas as well. Do the judges have somewhere to be tonight that they're hustling everyone straight through to Vegas?

Tom Kozal dances some contemporary, featuring a cool reverse push up and a reverse somersault, plus he looks like Richie Cunningham. But looking like pre-perma-ball-cap Ron Howard isn't enough these days. But he's got a hobby, apparently. "I raise earless goats," says Tom. Of course he does. The judges send him home, and Cat makes a groaner of a "kid" joke.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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