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Back in Milwaukee, everyone's warming up, and -- oh, we're flashing back again, this time to some salsa in the D.C. auditions. Janette Manrara and Romulo Villaverde take the stage, with a special gam-cam closeup of Janette's legs. Nigel smiles, and they begin. They're good, and by "good" I mean "I couldn't do this." But it's some creativity that impresses: Janette leans over backward onto Romulo's legs, which he kicks up and around, and catches her falling body again. Nigel gives them extra-special applause, and calls them fantastic. "That's better than what David Beckham does with the football!" he says, and cautions that when they stopped doing the tricks, they screwed up some of the steps. Mary praises them again, but notes Romulo is a little "all over the place." Dan says, "Salsa's just sexy. I love it," and calls it the most entertaining thing he's seen so far today, which means nothing to us without knowing what else happened before them. They get sent through to choreography, and Janette comes out on stage first. Dan makes it sound like her audition ends here, and then sends her through to Vegas. Romulo, however, wasn't quite good enough. But apparently we're supposed to watch out for him next year. He's going to show everybody!

Back to Milwaukee, the judges are in their seats, and the first dancer is taking the stage. Husband and wife hip-hop choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha, the new Milwaukee judges, have worked with Missy Elliott, Kanye West, and Christina Aguilera. So this isn't a step down, or anything. "Have we saved the best city for last?" Cat asks, not for the first time tonight. Nigel yells "in the house!" whilst having a stroke, it appears ... and we're going to commercial.

Bianca Revels kicks things off with some tap dancing, a type of dance that really doesn't do a whole lot for me. Her moonwalk, however ... well, I didn't think it was great, but generally it's either Michael or nothing as far as that goes. Nigel is impressed that she stayed on rhythm to a modern record. He thinks she was superb, Mary praises her, and so do Napoleon and Tabitha. And she's ... going straight through to Vegas? They don't want to see if she can do anything other than tap? Really?

James Davis is a ballet dancer with heroically bushy eyebrows. Hope they're manly enough for Nigel! He dances to Robert Palmer's "Simply Irrestible," does some Bruce Springsteen "Dancing in the Dark"-style dancing, some air-guitar-windmilling, and he throws in some Footloose and Saturday Night Fever, and inspires Nigel to do some drumming on the table. Mary's laughing her arse off, but eventually stops laughing to say it was just silly. Napoleon says it was more like the character in Footloose who Kevin Bacon taught to dance (but not well). James tries to good-naturedly cajole them into at least giving him a shot at choreography, but they pass.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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