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We're on the "freezing cold shores" of Lake Michigan, in Milwaukee, the final stop for auditions. Has there been a single episode that doesn't whine about how cold it got? At least there's snow in Wisconsin. And Milwaukee has certainly had its share of visitors. The French missionaries and explorers began visiting here in the late 16th century. Isn't Milwaukee an Indian name? Yes, Cat, it is. In fact, it's pronounced "mill-e-wah-que," which is Algonquin for "the good land."

But the words "final audition city" and "Milwaukee" make me re-check the schedule to make sure it actually is two hours tonight. Yep. That can only mean one thing: filler. Right off the top. Before we get to Milwaukee, we're going to see clips from earlier auditions they "didn't have time" to get to before. But first: a montage! You see, the dancers are having a "strange effect" on Nigel, which means he throws gang signs and says things like, "You off the leash, dog." And that about does it for wackiness overload for me.

In Washington, Michael Kim auditioned in Season 2 but got creamed in Vegas. He's gotten more training, because he didn't want to bring the same old shizznit. Herky-jerky hip-hop, almost interpretive. Incredible is one word. The judges watch him forever, and it's not enough. Nigel says Michael "hit it so hard" and is so far Nigel's favorite performing this type of dance. Mary calls him "extraordinary" and hopes he took ballroom, so he can survive doing other stuff. Dan Karaty says much the same thing, and then Michael gets a plane ticket, rare for a hip-hopper.

For some reason, Cat explains again that we're going to be getting to Milwaukee after some more odds and sods from previous auditions. Oh, and after we watch a montage of supportive families and friends. Someone is referred to as "gorgemous."

Roommates Katee and Natalie dance together and are auditioning separately. We see home footage of them working out together, tumbling and, some sort of guerilla leaning that forces the other to tighten her abs while she makes spaghetti. They have matching "onesies" too, for some reason. Katee's contemporary, with a perma-smile. As usual, I have to wait for the judges to tell me if she's any good. Nigel thought it was "delightful," and calls it "very flowing." Mary thinks she was terrific, and Mia loves her too, and the judges send her to Vegas. She hugs the judges, and then Cat, and then Cat sneaks her back into the theatre to watch roomie Natalie dance to some gloomy drum thing. I assume she is some sort of African sandpiper, searching for its lost soul. Well, if the last one was good, then so is she. Nigel then says she proved you don't have to have a big fake grin plastered on to perform (note: he didn't criticize Katee for having the big plastered grin). Mary "loved every minute of it," and calls her captivating to watch. Mia calls it "great (times four), unique and honest." Then Nigel points out Natalie's friend shouldn't go alone to Vegas, so they send her straight through too.

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