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Oh, thank god. Thank god this show is on again. I love this show, and missed last week thanks to a stupid conference, and I love this show even more since I recently recapped The Bachelor and am currently recapping The Bachelorette, and it's a blessing to get to recap a reality show on which people need to actually be able to do shit other than babble inanely about destiny and then go swimming.

Yay, Cat! I missed you and your accent. Welcome to Salt Lake City, snowy Salt Lake City. "One of the worst snowstorms of the year," she says. I always think it's cute to see Americans freaked out by a little snow. Cat uses a megaphone to herd the dancers to the judges, with Mandy Moore joining Nigel and Mary.

Cat goes over the rules to a montage (one rejected dancer is wearing a "Joseph Smith is my Homeboy" T-shirt.

Chelsie Hightower is first up. She's too cute to be believed. She has five brothers, and her family suffered some unspecified financial misfortune, and they lost their house, and a lot of cars (?), and apparently at one point her brother had to come through with the money for dance lessons. She dances some ballroom with a partner and -- fortunately for the show's ridiculous oversell -- is great. And not just Nigel "She's Really Cute" Lythgoe great either. Nigel praises her for choreographing her face. Everyone else's eyebrows have a lot to live up to! Mary singles out her legs for praise, and Mandy says she's got "amazing star quality," and the judges quickly send her through to Vegas, and she goes over to the table to hug them.

Next up is Brett Banford, a dancer with Down sydrome. "I'm here to represent," he says, noting that he also studies martial arts, and therefore Nigel better watch himself. Hee!

He dances some hip-hop, and is good. Not good enough, but not in "good for a guy with Down syndrome" way either. He's not good enough to move on, though, and the judges have more sense than to be patronizing. "You are a really good mover," says Nigel, who calls him "inspirational" before delivering the bad news, prefaced with "But I'm gonna keep it real about the dancing." All the judges agree about how good he was -- although cooing that a lot of the girls would love to go clubbing with him is getting a little close to 7th Heaven "all mentally handicapped people are special angels" territory for my liking -- and the crowd gives him a standing-o, and Brett talks about wanting to inspire people with handicaps and show it's possible to live a normal life. It would have been great if the show hadn't thrown some "inspirational" music underneath it.

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