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Chris, Wadi, Tadd, and Robert now assemble on stage for a Dave Scott (yes!) routine set to some Swizz Beatz with Eve. They're all dress in matching red canvass shoes, but only Robert has gone the extra mile to look like Pee Wee Herman. You guys, he tries SO hard. Not to say it doesn't at least partially work, because along with Tadd (who is becoming an early favorite), Robert really pops in this performance. It helps that it appears his "character" is a show-offy ham.

Not very many ballroomers this year, as I've noted previously. In Vegas, it's down to just two: my beloved, leggy Soviet assassin Iveta Derevko and Lenny Progue, or as I will call him, Pasha Jr. Lenny says he's not nervous, which, after Lil' O, is looking like the kiss of death, because Lenny gets a NO. Which takes some of the suspense out of Iveta's moment, because they're not going to leave Mary Murphy with ZERO ballroomers, are they? So, yes, Iveta is IN, and then back in L.A. she gets to perform a wicked hot paso doble with Pasha and his -- to quote my friend Quinn -- ass that launched a thousand ships. Mmm, yes. Mary is getting her yell back as she hollers about Iveta being a World Champion in ten different ballroom disciplines, and Nigel brings up the specter of Pasha/Anya to illustrate just how good Iveta could be. Fingers crosses she can pick up the other dance styles!

Jazz dancers! I don't recall seeing either Bridget Krousse nor Tae Kwon before, but they're out now, so whatever. IN are quietly smoldering Clarice Ordazz and shot-in-the-shoulder Marko Germar. It looks like the judges will have to choose between extremely un-quietly sexy Jordan Casanova (who's such an impressive dancer that I'm surprised anew every time she speaks and sounds like kind of an idiot) and this girl names Missy who is ALSO sexy. Oh my God! TWO sexy girls? Is that even POSSIBLE? The judges are like, "Fuck it, we didn't get into this business NOT to push boundaries," so they put both Jordan and Missy in. And Missy wins some loyalty from me for how hard she's trying not to cry.

Clarice, Marko, Jordan, and Missy get to perform a Sonya Tayeh jazz routine, which features, among other things, Marko jumping clear across all three girls. Hello, Marko, I love you already. I feel like I'm picking on Jordan, but while her auditions were super limber, she looks really hunchy here. Now, Sonya often choreographs the women to move in kind of rounded-shoulder motions, but Jordan is losing her neck in a way Clarice and Missy manage to avoid. The routine gives Tyce a chance to show off as he refuses to sit down at the judges table, instead just yelling crap like "Sick!" and "Amazing!" over and over, until Robin joins him and starts yelling "Sexy!" and now they're just two annoying peas in a pod. Fair and Balanced Nice Thing About Tyce: he's valiantly propping up the teeth-whitening industry, which makes him a good American.

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