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Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part II

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Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part II

"This is face of nervous," says Jessi Peralta. She interviews that she has an office job where she sits at her desk, typing, and "I literally sit in front of my computer and go blind." Literally? That's unfortunate. She's brought out onstage, where the judges fake her out before telling her she's made it. Jessi's a big drama queen, and she starts to cry, and backstage she allows everyone to think that her tears mean she didn't make it. So she has everyone's attention and reveals she did make it.

A bunch more people get cut, leading into Caitlin Cucchiara; despite being good enough to go straight through to Vegas, and starting off strong, nerves seemed to get the better of her. When she comes out onstage, Nigel tells her they sent her straight through to Vegas, so she's got amazing potential, and he believes she'll be in the top ten one year. But not this year.

We're down to Twitch and Hok for the last guy spot. Really? They're not both going to be on? Crappy. Hok says he's numb. Twitch says it's going to be sad either way, because the two of them have gotten to know each other. The two of them head out onstage. "Done the math, huh?" says Nigel, who adds that the two of them bring so much to the show, but they're not very good at doing the dances they're asked to learn. Twitch is going, Hok is staying. They hug a couple of times. My wife suggests I do my hair like Hok's, which means I have to take her crack pipe away. Again! Twitch leaves, and Hok gets emotional and stutters a little bit about hard this is, because he's gotten to know Twitch, and the judges are all, "Cheer up! You made it!" Backstage, he hugs Twitch some more.

Lacey Schwimmer, the sister of last year's winner, and Kristen Stein are the last two girls left. They interview that they want it, that sort of thing (Lacey wins points from me by acknowledging that everyone here wants to be on the show as bad as everyone else does), then walk out holding hands. Mary says they're both fabulous dancers, and this is the toughest decision of the day. Kristen looks like she already thinks it's not going to be her. And it's not. Mary tells Lacey she made it, and she Macaulay Culkins her hands to her face and says, "Shut the front door!" which is a new expression to me. After Kristen and Lacey hug and Kristen walks off the stage, the judges warn Lacey that she really just scraped in. Lacey seems like she realizes this, and is quite grateful to have made it. Like this show didn't want all the storylines inherent in having a former winner's sibling compete.

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