So You Think You Can Dance
Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part II

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Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part II

Anya and Pasha, the ballroom dancers from New York. Anya's up first. Shane says she has the "facility" for this show, and she is one of the top twenty. "America, here I come!" she says backstage. America, be forewarned that her boobs will arrive about five minutes before she does.

Now it's Pasha's turn. Mary says they had some questions about him. Mia says he's one-dimensional, and what he's shown in Vegas was not good. And then Mary screeches that doggone it, he's something else, and he's in the top twenty. You're one-dimensional, and you weren't good in Vegas. Therefore: congratulations!

Faina Savich is up next, and a little stressed because two other ballroom dancers just got put through. Mary psychs her out a little by talking about this, and then: "I'm sad to say…you're in our top twenty!" That doesn't sound very nice -- aren't the psych-outs usually something like, "I'm sad to say…you're going to have to put up with us for a little while longer!" You know, so in the end it's actually a nice thing to say?

Halfway through the episode now. Normally, I hate extra long episodes, but it would be nice to see a little more dancing. This is a whole lot of boring backstage footage of people being apprehensive. On the plus side, there's a lot less Mary hollering than a regular episode.

Going into the last commercial break, Cat wondered aloud if Lauren Gottlieb's past was going to come back to haunt her. No, she wasn't a hooker; she helped out with choreography last year. According to Nigel, after she comes out to face the judges, the show can't afford to be seen to be showing anyone favoritism. Which they won't. He sounds really regretful, and Shane helps him sell it. Lauren thinks she's going home, but she's not. If anything, says Nigel, they're going to be extra-hard on her. She tries to scurry off, and Nigel has to bust out a Cowell-esque "other door."

Sara Vaughn is a B-girl whom we haven't seen before. Mary tells her that she's great in her own genre, and it's been the toughest year for women (because there's so many good ones -- as if any reality show ever will ever say, "Yeah, this is one of the weakest fields we've ever seen."). But they believe in her! And she's through!

Kameron? Who are you? You're in. Chuy? You're in. Heather Shaw? Who is this person? Mia says she's amazing, fabulous, et cetera. She really stood out on group night, not that we saw her. Mia breaks the bad news that they already have so much of what they need, but this isn't a fakeout. She's actually going home. She's really sweet backstage, saying she's excited for everyone, and "the next best thing is around the corner." Does anyone know what that means?

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