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Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part II

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Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week, Part II

Shane says he thinks they're going to regret having him on the show, and Mia seems to agree. "He walked away like he was God's gift to the world," complains Shane. But backstage, Danny is excited enough -- or so full of himself -- that he does a bunch of jumping splits for the benefit of the rest of them. He's the first one through.

The judges loved Ashlee Langus's looks and personality. Ashlee interviews that she always has a plan. Onstage, Mia warns her not to approach everything with the same kind of energy, and then announces she'll be in the Top 20. Backstage, Cat hugs Ashlee like she's Ashlee's mom.

D'Trix is on the stage. Shane calls him dope, but he has to do more than hip-hop. "I need you to represent for all the street break-dancers who do hip-hop because you are in our top 20." Backstage, D'Trix's selection elicits pandemonium.

Hoping to join the party, Cat tells us, is Cedric Gardner, who had some difficulties in Vegas. "It was the most trying time in my life when it comes to dance," he says. Well, wouldn't it be? He had to dance for his life, and Mia loves him, even though Nigel says the dude can't do any routines, just his solo. Nigel worries that Cedric's going to screw up any girls he's paired with. Then Cedric is brought onstage. The judges lecture him a little bit about how they can only push him so far, and then Mary screams that he's in the top 20. She actually screams. For those of you who have watched the other season as well: do your ears ever stop bleeding?

The next couple of dancers are put through without us finding out who they are, and then Janet Bombard gets an extended introduction, reminding us that she's missing one arm. She talks about her best friend, who was with her every day after the accident, and how much dancing means to her. Onstage, Nigel tells her that he rarely cries, but she got him crying, and we flashback to a teary-eyed speech about how she wants people to like her for her, and seizing the moment and whatever else, and Nigel's heart grows three sizes and he wipes a tear. Well, make that two sizes, but she's not going through. I hope Olivia is at home, watching the gracious acceptance displayed by Janet and the rest of the dancers cut, wherein they seem to realize that no one owes them a fuckin' thing. Backstage, a dancer who we'll find out is Kristen Stein, starts to bawl, because she and Janet are really close, and they hug.

Ricky Palomino is waiting to be summoned onstage. He pretends that he wishes Cat were there because she's such a babe and that would distract him from the tension. He interviews about how amazing everything has been, working with Shane and Mary ("I never felt so sexy," he tells us). Once he's brought onstage, Nigel tells him, "I find you a little strange." Nigel adds that while Ricky's dancing is superb, viewers won't just be voting on dancing skills alone. Mia gushes about him for a while before they tell him he's in the top twenty. For a moment, he clenches up like he's going to turn into the Hulk, then he thanks them and walks off the stage. Back in the holding pen, Cat hugs him, not once, but twice!

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